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  1. Version 1.0


    A universal case for the Naze32 flight controller for multirotors
  2. There is currently a bug that makes the preview a "killer feature" on this forum. If you preview the post, then it will disappear on posting.
  3. Parametres d'impression? Temp, speed, layer height? Spiralize mode? Shell thickness?
  4. Well mon ami I see your point on Open Source, however the Creative Commons License is solid on the fact that commercial exploitation is fully supported, unless explicitly excluded, so selling other people's designs it is a fair game within the ethic rules, as far as all credits are properly given. In this framework, you are not "selling a thing copied" but rather you are providing a service that allows anyone without a 3D printer to benefit from the Open Source ideas by others. And services are to be paid, this is a fully Open Source concept. So you can and maybe should make money with Open So
  5. However Rigs, I still wonder. A LOT of research and innovation has been done by others and is freely available on youmagine or thingiverse, with licenses that do not exclude commercial use. So I wonder if it is possible to carefully select some items in a specific niche (that one is familiar with), and try to sell prints of those. Just to make an example, 3D printed parts for open source/rep rap printers are currently sold on e-bay, they do have a market. It happened to me, in a remote past in which I did not have a 3D printer, to buy 3D printed frames for quadcopters. So I think that some n
  6. Tres joli. Ton dessin? Le lapin il a l'air bien a son aise 8)
  7. The answer could again be 3Dhubs, on the client side this time. There is a section of 3DHubs dedicated to provide exactly what you ask, Ultimaker samples: https://www.3dhubs.com/ultimaker So you could go there and either select one of the listed models, or upload your own, and then look for the printer closer to you. Of course someone from Turkey with an Ultimaker could see your message here and reply directly here, wish you best luck. 20 micron print is nominally possible, but actually unrealistic. You could print at this resolution but: - the print would take FOREVER - the quality cou
  8. Hi you can in principle monetize by listing the printer on 3Dhubs.com. However my experience is that just listing the printer will not be enough to get a flow of orders. You will need to advertise your hub somehow. 1000 cm3 is approximately 1400 grams of PLA, so about two 750 gr spools. This will cost around 70-80 euros. It is unlikely though that you will have to print a 10 x 10 x 10 cube with 100% infill. A 10 x 10 x 10 object will typically have some voids in it (you will print it say 20-30% infill), and so this will be much much less plastic in fact.
  9. I did not notice such bug, never tried to upload multiple images to a print
  10. I think the solution would be, if there is only one image in the "print post", then please do not display these misleading lateral arrows?
  11. There is another bug here. If I preview a post before pressing "POST COMMENT", the post won't go through and will be lost forever. Tried a couple of times.
  12. There is a bug in the Prints section, clicking on the next/previous arrows do nothing but reloading the same image
  13. Anders we need you, please don't go. I can't imagine my UM2 without an Olsson block and future upgrades from you and swordriff. Software had serious problems here, I see that you are p... o... with good reasons. However the forum is more about the people than about the software. So let's all hang tight for a little while, stay unite, and get over this "obscure" phase. I am confident sun will shine again soon. Thanks you for all you did, and hopefully will continue doing for us, this was and is so much appreciated. Cheers - PD
  14. Labern thanks for posting your findings. If you did not already, may I suggest you install the I2K insulator by http://www.3Dsolex.com. Since the moment I have installed it, my teflon coupler problems are happily solved, it is really very effective in protecting the teflon from warn and deformation. http://3dsolex.com/i2k-insulator
  15. You can bookmark https://ultimaker.com/en/community
  16. This is most likely when a spam post or new user makes a post, but it has yet to be approved. A bug which is noted, thank you for bringing it up! Also for me notification of new posts to this thread bring me to an empty page. So when I get a notification I have to: - click on it to mark it as "read" - find myself on the empty, useless page - navigate back to the forum home page - navigate manually to this topic - go to the last page of the topic - read the new message A lot of work. But I am so interested in this topic that I will do it. EDIT: Just noticed that notifications for anoth
  17. See Rigs how the icon with your postman can be used in a post. Still not sure which emotional state it is supposed to convey, but there you have it. The infamous "Rigs Postman Icon" LOL 8) 8) 8)
  18. Notifications of new posts here now bring me to a page where it says "no replies yet" Nice to see things moving 8)
  19. Yes please, this is the right thing to do.
  20. OK just to let you know that I "liked" your post. This will show up explicitely later on today then
  21. I like to stay on the positive side of things in this discussion. I just love my Ultimaker 2 and very much enjoy the community here, even if the forums are still not perfect. I would like to say though that it is the time it apparently takes to get any modification done that is kind of hard to understand. - Who is liking my posts? The like is a form of communication. It became, very originally, an anonymous one on this forum. I am nearly not bothering to like other people posts anymore, for this reason. A pity, the "Like" is a powerful tool when implemented correctly. - notifications still
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