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  1. In Cura 15.06.02 overlapping don't work as they used to in previous versions. Simple example: Two cubes that overlap Result in 15.06.02 Result in 15.04 So previous versions looked at the union over the inside points of the objects but 15.06 takes the xor of all inside-points.
  2. Well... more cooling seems to work. At least for the benchmark-object. Following settings worked: 100% fan, 230°C hot-end temp, 100°C bed temp, no housing, no front cover, rest as above. I guess that I've just been scared by hearing that ABS does bad things if it cools down to fast. Yes, it wraps if you cool it, but the heated bed seems to do a good job at limiting the negative effects and a 20 line brim gave enough adhesion to hold the object. I will test if this still works for bigger and more solid objects, as they have more problems with wrapping in my experience.
  3. Hi, I've tried to print the overhang test from this benchmark https://www.youmagine.com/designs/make-2015-3d-printer-shoot-out-test-geometries The print went relatively well after some adjustments but I haven't been able to get rid of diagonal "scars" on the overhang. The scars consist of bits of the outermost shell that curled up. The shell is always printed counterclockwise, and the scars move clockwise along the shell. Adjusting temperature, cooling and speed doesn't notably change the number of scars, but reduces negative effects of the scars on the overall print quality. This images show the best I've achieved so far: http://cody-films.net/img/IMG_5474.JPG http://cody-films.net/img/IMG_5475.JPG Apart from the scars the quality looks very good on the 30 and 40 degree overhang and acceptable on the 60 degree overhang. I'm printing ABS on an Ultimaker 2 (with added front cover and housing). Temperature is 240°C (I've tried 210-260), bed temp 100°C (tried 80-100), fan speed 40% (tried 0-60), speed 50mm/s (tried 20-100), layer height 0.1mm, 0.8 shell thickness and top/bottom thickness. The temperature in the build chamber is at about 50 to 60°C. I've also tried to print without front cover and housing. Any thoughts on how to get rid of this scars and/or what might cause them are greatly appreciated.
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