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  1. Version 1.0


    3d Print of Epicyclic Bevel Gear Reducer by Kurt Jacobson using the Ultimaker 3 using PVA supports. Model Source:
  2. Version 1.0


    We wanted to try if the Ultimaker 3 could print such a complex anatomical model of a Blue Crab which we got from the smithsonian digital gallery. This High Res Scan was very detailed and had alot of nooks and crannies which would made it impossible to remove the supports. BUT we were running out of PVA filament. So at the same time we used CURA to save on PVA filament by selecting the supports to be printed with PLA and the Interfaces to printed in PVA. PVA being so expensive, this makes for an excellent cost saver, using only very little PVA to ensure easy removal and best surface finish.
  3. hmm did you correctly upgrade with the right firmware. Ensure that CURA is set to your plus model, and perform a firmware upgrade. If that doesnt work. try a previous different version .. they are currently two work CURA with Plus profiles inside which is the 15.04.4 and 15.04.5 Failing that, try also doing a factory reset. Perhaps what you could do also is to switch the connection of your X and your Y around to test, to see if it the motor is working or if it something to do with the board? That will help you isolate what is wrong. Note that you would have to hit the limit switch manually to stop it from moving.
  4. Hi @greengecko The rate we quoted was 1.64. As we mentioned that was the rate from one of the major Australian banks , via Westpac . I'm not sure where you get 1.67. Of course XE will show a good rate, but you would never get that rate from any banks. And yes we do pay customs taxes on our imports like everyone else. Ultimaker has entrusted us with providing local support and warranty for all Australian customer. And we pride ourselves in delivering exceptional service. You can see reviews from all our happy Ultimaker customers https://goo.gl/gG5n5F Ultimaker now allocates support tickets to the local sales partners. So If you purchase your printer through other channels, it will be difficult for the local resellers and sales partners to provide you with support you need, if anything should go wrong.
  5. IGood day Folks, We're Imaginables, Ultimaker Sales Partners based in Australia. We would like to address the concerns about pricing difference between Imaginables and Ultimaker. The exchange rate given by one of the major (big 4) Australian banks today (12/1/16) is 1.6485 (EUR to AUD), so buying an Ultimaker 2+ from Ultimaker directly (EUR1895) would be AUD 3123.97. The shipping cost on Ultimaker’s webshop for an Ultimaker 2 to Australia was EUR113.88, which is AUD187.73. So total purchase price from Ultimaker’s webshop (if you don’t get charged any other credit card/ foreign exchange fee) is: AUD3311.70. Once the printer arrives in Australia, there will be the following charges: GST (10% on Goods+Freight): AUD331.17 Disbursement Fee (charged by courier company): around AUD20 - 30, let’s say AUD20 Customs Entry Fee/ Australian Govt. Charges: AUD56.2 Total (GST+Fees): AUD407.37 That would make the total cost of buying directly from Ultimaker (AUD3311.70 + AUD407.37): AUD3719.07 Although as of today, our price for an Ultimaker 2+ is slightly higher, but the difference is not as much as stated in the post above. As some of you may be aware, the Australian dollar has been on a roller coaster ride lately, and since the beginning of this year, the trend is mostly downward. We have adjusted our prices several times for the past year to reflect the increase/decrease in exchange rate, but we are not able to adjust our prices too often unless the australia dollar is more stable. We do not vary our prices for ongoing small fluctuations, e.g. Say if the exchange rate worsen by 0.10 in a week’s time to be 1.7485, then it would cost around AUD3940 if someone is to purchase a Ultimaker 2+ directly from Ultimaker, but we will not be increasing our price for such weekly fluctuation. Our current pricing for other Ultimaker printers are very similar to the cost of buying directly from Ultimaker if you consider all the tax and fees of importing directly from Ultimaker to Australia. The important advantage of buying from us (and also our resellers) is that you will get local technical support and warranty cover provided by us and our resellers across Australia. Regarding comments of various Ultimaker distributors/resellers websites and spare parts, although perhaps not all parts are listed on theirs or our website, it doesn't mean that parts are not available. If you would like help in sourcing parts or a new Ultimaker Model just give any of our sales partners a call and I'm sure they will be able to help. We are always striving to provide the best experience to our customers, and are always here to address any concerns, so feel free to contact us directly if you have any queries about our pricing, we are happy to help answer them.
  6. Hi guys, thanks for helping out @therazerkid So just abit of background therazerkid has bought a brand new ultimaker2 from us here in australia. He hasn't been getting any good prints on his machine. He is using all UM filaments. We've tried troubleshooting with him along with our local reseller iprint3d. Checked pulleys are not loose Checked firmware and software both using 15.04.02 after a number of unsuccessful rounds of testing we got it shipped back to us to the other side of australia in Melbourne from WA. We also provide a loan machine for him to use while we repaired his machine. Upon receiving we tested the machine. Our first observation was that the bed thumbscrews were far too loose. We tightened this and proceed to test print several models. They all came out perfect. No banding issue. And we couldn't replicate his problem. So naturally we thought problem solved. It was a loose unstable bed. Before therazerkid got back his machine iprint3d had done his own test printing a Le fab elephant and came out perfect as well. Now therazerkid has got back his machine, he is still having the same banding issues. We thought perhaps something got loose during transport like the axis rods. Therazerkid has confirmed this is secure. I have requested therazerkid to print a gcode I sent him and take a video of the printer in action and showing us the print head, and the settings he use on the printer. Hopefully we can spot the problem from the video.
  7. Good day fellow Aussies! We're happy to inform you that Imaginables.com.au is the official Australian distributor of Ultimaker here down under. So you can check out our website at imaginables.com.au Our ultimaker printer prices listed on the website includes taxes, gst, and 12 Months warranty. As we currently operating from Victoria, We're also working to secure some local resellers at other respective states so you will be able to save on shipping cost. So please bear with us. But for now, we can ship your Ultimaker printer anyway within Australia.
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