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  1. I recently printed this feeder and attached it to my ultimaker 2 https://www.youmagine.com/designs/alternative-um2-feeder-version-two Ever since, my printer has been under extruding. I've tried loosening and tightening the tension on the feeder and i've tried cleaning out the print head a dozen times and all i've managed to accomplish is getting a hotend covered in burnt ABS which needs to be scraped off. I don't know if the tension is too loose or tight and i can't seem to get the atomic method of clearing the printer to work with abs properly so i've resorted to using a paper clip to try and scrape the inside and push the junk out. PLEASE HELP!
  2. i haven't had a lot of problem with layer bonding, the problem seems to be on the same layer. when the mesh which makes up the infill crosses to make the square shapes, the corners start to pull apart, like the wall of a box pulling away. i haven't printed a lot with ABS just yet, so i don't have any photos of the problem yet. i'll take some the next time it happens
  3. Hey guys. Just started printing with ABS so not sure what to expect. I finally managed to get it to stick to the print bed with some tape, but now i've found that the infill seems to be pulling apart where the lines of infill meet (only using a 15% infill). I was playing around with the settings when i noticed this (bumped the speed up to 200% of 50mm/s) so I'm not sure if this is due to the speed change or it's something that would have happened anyway. Any advice would be great Thanks
  4. oh, just thought i'd let you guys know, i used a soldering iron to melt the plastic before pulling it out with a knife and a pair of pliers. It was prett awkward because all i could seem to do was remove the screws holding the heat guard to the hotend assembly, but i couldn't remove the fans from the guard because they were screwed and glues on. Got as much of it out as i could, which seemed enough to stop causing an issue with the printer.
  5. Thanks Skint. Yeah, that's the filament that came with the printer and it has reached about the centre of the reel. I'll try loosening it up a little. Don't have any other filaments at the moment, but I intend on getting some ABS and more PLA soon. I'll try and find the "filled cavity problem" on here and thanks again!
  6. that melted ball of plastic sitting on the hot end has actually filled the cavitiy between the guard that hold up the fans and the hot end. looks like i'm going to have to work out some way of digging that plastic out, and i can't seem to remove the two fans, which means i'm going to have to do it all while it's hanging inside the damn printer! frustrating
  7. i left to print overnight, so i wasn't able to stop it when it started to screw up, but maybe you'll get an idea from the pictures anyway anyway... The first photo is of all the objects that printed on the bed. the two at the front were fine, but the one at the back seemed to have a layer printed incorrectly, the second phot is a close up of this. The final photo is kind of what i've been asking about, but since i was asleep, i wasn't able to stop it, like i usually do, so it kept going into that that mess you see there. As you can see, it started off printing ok, then it descended into madness! Any help would be appreciated! failing that, some amusing comments about how it looks like someone threw a ninja star at the hot end will do
  8. a video would be difficult because i don't know when it's going to screw up, but i'll take a photo next time it screws up. Thanks!
  9. thanks for the reply pm_dude. I don't think the issue is bad leveling because I recently had an issue with that which i corrected and I'd have figured if it were a leveling issue, the problem would happen more often than not. I don't believe the problem is due to printing cold either since the object in the photo was actually the second object in a batch print job. As for making it stick to the glass, one of the other times this happened, it started printing the first few layers fine, then went crazy on me. Sorry if i'm just shooting down your suggestions, hopefully you can tell me i'm wrong for some reason and this can all be fixed by using a raft more often! Thanks for the suggestions
  10. thanks! relevelling fixed the issue
  11. not entirely sure how to describe this. It does not happen all the time, but every now and then, my printer will start making a complete mess of the first few layers before it reverts to printing what it's supposed to. I can't understand why this happens sometime since it is rather inconsistent when it happens and it's only happened 3 times so far. The link below is for a picture of what this looks like when it happens. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. Hi. I recently got the Ultimaker 2. Never used a 3d printer before and i'm still trying to work out all the kinks. Right now I have my layer height at 0.1 mm, shell thickness at 0.8mm, bottom/ top thickness at 0.6mm, fill density at 15%, print speed at 30mm/s, nozzle size at 0.4mm and the temperature at 213C. Every time i print, the first layer comes out fine, but once the second layer starts printing, the extruded plastic keeps hitting the nozzle and doesn't come out straight. Instead there are a bunch of little bits of plastic sticking out of each layer as the nozzle runs into more and more deformed plastic. The link below is a video showing the problem. It starts at around the 35 second mark. Not sure how to fix this. I don't believe it to be a calibration issue since i have done that twice since i got it last 4 days ago. Thanks for any help
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