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  1. I ordered and installed new bearings in the extruder... zero improvement. Further investigation reveled that it was the screws that hold the motor together that had come loose. Eventually the motor screws got so loose the stepper rotor was rubbing on the stator and causing under extrusion. tightening the screws that hold the motor stack together solved the problem immediately.
  2. I am having the same problem. It is not under extrusion, I have fought that battle. This is a much harder impacting sound. I can feel it during retractions, not during printing. I think it is the bearings. I have some more bearings on order, and will let you know if it fixes the problem.
  3. Anders, What thickness did you make your washers? I made mine 3mm thick and added dimples for airspace. I have not installed the vespel yet, I am waiting for a 24 hour print to finish. No matter how much I stare at it, it doesn't seem to go any faster.
  4. Fluxline, It is believed that the vespel can withstand the sealing force of the spring at the elevated temperatures where PTFE softens and creeps. The vespel is also slick so the PLA does not seem to stick to it. Last but not least it seems to provide a heat break for the ptfe so the PTFE doesn't see the high nozzle temperatures.
  5. I should be having a velpel washer machined today. I would like to have a single hot end that I can use to print the entire range of materials. PLA to PC and everything inbetween.
  6. mghtbgiant, The print finished without a problem. the cover on spirit's fan shroud is really close to the heater block. I printed mine with bridge nylon for better heat resistance and have been getting some discoloration. Another solution may be to cover the gap on the Venkel shroud with some kapton tape to block the wind.
  7. I had this error about 6 hours into a 15 hour print using Venkels fan duct. i just printed off Spirit's adjustment in hopes of it solving my problem. https://www.youmagine.com/designs/ultimaker-2-fan-mount--2#!design-information I will let you know how it goes in about 15 hours :smile:
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