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  1. Hello everyone I'm having a problem with my UM2+ , i've had the machine for several years and the LEDs never gave me any problem. However yesterday during a print the LEDs went extremly dim, i tried to go to the settings but the brightness was alredy at 100% and changing it did not have any effect on leds, except that they for no reson got a little bit brighter when set to 0% (that actually set the led to 1% instead) i continued printing but noticed that the LEDs also flicker during print and the do when the motors make a quick acceleration. have anybody an idea on what's going on and possibly how to fix it? can i resume printing or there might be a bigger problem behind the LEDs dimming? thanks in advance
  2. Hi everybody, i have a strange problem: this morning i was switching from a PLA to a ABS filament. everything went fine till i removed the old filament and inserted the new one... i pushed the filament a bit so the feeder could grab it and the feeder started pulling up the matirial...only to stop a few millimiters later after trying several time, i noticed that after the filament is grabbed by the motor wheel it make a little turn and it miss the hole that lead to the bowden tube the filament is straight and i tried with other filament but the problem remain what could cause the filament to "turn" and how could i fix it? Thanks in advance.
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