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  1. As stated in the title. Every print, my bed shifted up/down 0.2-0.5mm, requiring aggressive releveling of bed during skirt (fortunately so far it has been within adjustable range of the bed leveling screws). My machine has been more than 5 years old, originally a Ultimaker 2 which is upgraded to 2+. The motherboard burned itself out some years ago too so that was changed to a new original board. I'm wondering if I'm just dealing with an old homing limit switch or if this is a software issue.
  2. And your setting differs on various micro level as well. On a cold day I usually turn up my head temperature by a few degrees so I won't suffer random under-extrusion attacks. Even different colours of the same material from the same brand may result in a +-5 degree difference. Same material from different brands may cause an even bigger +-20 degree difference.
  3. Actually, I always thought a vast majority of length measurement tools come in both metric and imperial... And I just realized that my caliper doesn't. Ha!
  4. Personal experience of solving under extrusion is always to increase temperature. Though I am currently upping the flow% as well while I try to somehow compensate for air bubbles in my filament. Highly doubt it will work though.
  5. Apparently it is... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mars_Climate_Orbiter :???: Wrote a long section about the probably reason for not supporting inches. But it seems that people before me has already answered it more than good enough. So I shall not repeat myself.
  6. Interesting. Why does my machine allow me to set 60 though...? Doesn't seem to have problem retracting either. I guess that means it is capped at 45 even though it displays 60?
  7. Mine limits to 60 if I do it on my Ultimaker 2 itself. Maybe it is a firmware issue? You can try updating. On Cura however, there is no warning (like when u set your shell thickness to be different from your print head width multiplier or when u put the temperature really high). So I am not sure exactly how high I can go there. I would assume 60 is the limit though.
  8. Hi! Just trying to gather the masses' opinion on your retraction setting for PLA on your machine. I've faced some pretty severe stringing issues for a while now. Having dropped temperature low enough to cause delamination between layers (175 for Ultimaker PLA Black), I conducted some testing and realized that low temperature isn't likely to be the solution here. In desperation, I started tuning up my retraction distance and find that may have generated better results. So far, I find the most effective being 60mm/s and 9mm. Personally, I heard ppl having their optimal result at much lower (lik
  9. I do. And the z-axis is definitely loud. But a closed door seems to do the trick. Don't think I'll fiddle with the internal electronics yet. Hahahahahaha!
  10. One thing I don't understand. Why must the exit of the fan duct be always stretched over the entire block instead of just focused on the nozzle itself?
  11. Hm... Strange. I followed the installation guide and the shroud and fan would definitely have hit the sliderblock. Not too sure if it is due to a misintallation. However, every other part seems to be in the right position. This is about 1cm away from endstop.
  12. And this is precisely the reason I am constructing myself a encasement + carbon, hepa dual filtration system. Started worrying the moment I started printing with ABS.
  13. Just while we are at it, it has issue exporting onto SD card as well. No problem saving the gcode onto desk top then copy the file to SD though.
  14. It seems that the plugin "Tweak At Z 4.0" is not working at all here.
  15. Simple as stated. 15.01 Cura does not save the settings for plugins even if I export settings. Pretty sure it is not the issue on my end.
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