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  1. Hello I have problems with my extruder driver/hot end. The filament slips / stops a lot, which I have to resolve by pushing the filament by hand. But I have been doing this for almost 3 years and I am thinking there must be a better way. :-) I bought the extruder drive upgrade and the hot end isolator coupler, hoping to get a more reliable feeding mechanism. but I am still sitting here manually supporting the feeder mechanism. Does good / reliable feeders exist? Or is manual feeding the default case by everyone? Did someone try 2 extruders after each other on one filament, since I am considering this option to get reliability? Any thoughts or solutions for the feeder mechanism are welcome Kr chiel Machine: Ultimaker Original printing: 220-240°C Material: PLA Problem: After having cleaned the nozzle, the filament starts to go in and extrude really easy, after a few cm of extrusion, extrusion pressure must becomes very high to still extrude => slipping feeder mechanism. => Me pushing the filament by hand
  2. Congrats to the winners. There are some very skillful people in this forum. ( was hoping there where less. :-) ) Is there some contest to win a heatbed upgrade planned? Since I will stick with my Ultimaker 1 for a little longer it seems Besides the winners, I also liked the submission from conradbenzin very much.
  3. Hello I have modelled also some of the parts in the pdf file. I hope the style suits your needs. It is a clean smooth comic style. I have added some extra things like LED's (in the space theme) and magnets (in the science theme). Furthermore I tried to use "happy" :-P saturated colours. These are some of the sketches I made. I hope they can be appreciated. :-P I have made a Blog for the other stuff I have printed in the past with my Ultimaker 1. http://michielvandyck.blogspot.be Michiel
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