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  1. Hey Sander, Still waiting on you to "make thinks right" with us. I've got all the time in the world. I've been pretty cool about this.
  2. Tell that to the several people in chat who were complaining, including the person saying Daid wasn't working either.
  3. Can confirm OP's exact problems on the UM1+. Sorry to drag up an old topic but OP's solution pretty much saved me from giving up on this printer. I ended up using a holesaw on the electronics cover and mounting a small cpu fan to it.
  4. I want to be able to check for updates for cura but I don't want the entire program to be inaccessible in the event that the update server can't be reached. In a future update can we be able to boot cura without being dependent on an external server being online? Maybe a 10-15 second timeout? Thanks
  5. software.ultimaker.com is down. Cura isn't opening for myself and another person. Not sure if the version check is timing out or what. Please help.
  6. So let me get this straight. By "making this long wait right with me" you decided to OVERNIGHT my package AFTER I told you and Sabrina to cancel our order due to the foreseeable problems? Getting what we paid for 10 weeks late doesn't make anything right. I told two different people I wanted my order cancelled because I didn't want the company to be at the mercy of Ultimaker's support. I did not say to please overnight our order. When I said cancel our order I was serious. This is our sixth 3d printer and we've never dealt with anything quite like this. Please get in touch with me about making this right. I will talk it over with the company to see what they want to do. Edit: European plug :/
  7. SandervG, I understand that you're busy with tradeshows and I appreciate you trying to get us an ETA. We are not interested as past ETA's have been trivial. We only request our order to be cancelled and refunded as I stated in my previous post. As I said before, I'm sure Ultimaker is a great product, it was my company's first choice, but we're also falling behind.
  8. Nothing? This is frustrating. Honestly I cannot justify this purchase with the lack of customer support I have come to expect from Ultimaker. This isn't the boat I want to be in if something goes wrong with my printer. I'm sure this is a great printer but I'd rather try my luck with a different company. Please cancel my order and issue a refund(R201735854-1).
  9. R201735854-1 Correction here; I'm on my 10th week not my 13th week. For some reason I thought it ordered it on 10-11 but I ordered it on 11-10(sorry its been a while).
  10. Six weeks? I'm on my 13th week without a tracking number. I got a support ticket reply which said I would receive tracking info after a week but that has since passed. I'm starting to get worried.
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