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  1. Hey everyone I am new to the community and recently received my new Ultimaker 2. So far it has worked great. Few issues in the beginning with getting it to properly feed the filament and stick to the plate but few tweaks fixed all that. Now I have gone through over 30 pages of these forums and my question hasn't really been answered yet. It has been discussed but I still dont feel certain on what I should do next for my upcoming purchase My Question: I have read over and over that the UM2 takes 2.85 and it is highly recommended to purchase that. I understand this fully. But most of the sites people have recommended to purchase from dont even have a 2.85 option, they offer 3mm. I would love to buy locally if possible just cause i dont wanna wait and pay shipping. I have a Frys electronics near by but they only sell 3mm. People on the forum have been saying that 3mm is actually not 3mm most of the time and should work in the UM2. I live in California in the Bay Area if anyone knows local stores haha I am just hoping to get some clarification before i buy something that is possibly could cause my a headache and have the filament get stuck in the tube. an example of a product i saw was this: http://www.frys.com/product/8126725?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG it says 3.0mm: 2.95 +/-0.1mm Thank you for any help or guidance you can supply me!
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