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  1. treth

    15.02 RC2

    Hi, as you will be aware I'm new here! What is the latest release? Can someone please explain the difference between 15.02 RC2 and 15.02.1 I have seen issues with 15.02.1 such as the filament retract issue on pause/abort, is this being fixed in RC2 which will later become 15.02.2? Many thanks
  2. I'm using Cura 15.02.1 installed today and I seem to have this retract on abort issue on my UM2! Today is the first time I have aborted a print, so can't comment on previous versions. I'm sure all print settings are at their default except for wall thickness and print speeds etc.
  3. Excellent, thanks! I should have dug out the excellent install manual, but didn't realise I would need it again.....
  4. This post as been very useful for another Newbie on their 3rd print! This time using my own design created in DesignSpark Mech (with which I'm also a Newbie!). My only problem is I was prompted to upgrade Cura and the firmware today and I'm not sure that went correctly as I'm now getting pillowing which I didn't before, but the photos and the setting are most useful thanks.
  5. Was prompted to update Cura to 15.02.1 which I did and then to update the firmware which I also did. Then UM2 starts as 'new' so did setup, but when it came to the fine settings with a piece of paper under the nozzle for the front left and right positions the rotating button has no affect so cannot fine set! There was not a rear left and right fine height setting either (think there was on last version installed). Should I re-install firmware, if so how? or is it a bug?
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