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  1. After the new update that just came out when i start a print it spits out a lot of filament before starting the print. Is there a way to tell the printer to not to extrude so much.
  2. The reason I think the sensor might be bad is because my printer won't print. I've alrdy made sure the nozzle isn't blocked and the steppermotor is good but it's like its just not heating up. I am taking the temperature right on the brass block the ultimaker 2 has and am only getting about half of what it should be even if I account for a little error from my IR gun it's should be that far off as I've used it before and gotten good results. Could the sensor be bad and still giving me a reading just not a good one? Should I order a new sensor?
  3. So im having a weird problem with my Ultimaker 2. i set the nozzle to 260c for abs and the sensor says 260c but when i take a temperature reading with a thermometer and i get only 121c or less. i dont know if its a bad sensor or something else. Please help!!
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