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  1. Having similar issues. Do I have to re-adjust the printer by the controller as it's printing or is there a way to set up Cura to do the process automatically so I can get the base heat and thickness right and also the bed temp?
  2. Ok I see the problem now. I have the little wooden blocks in upside down. This should fix it. Thanks Frederik!
  3. I'm getting the same problem and it seems to be my filament isn't getting drawn into the machine. The filament just isn't getting gripped by the extruder and I have to keep refeeding by hand every minute or so. Trying a few things to correct it. Will post some images of the results when the print is finished.
  4. Hey guys and girls. Just finished building my Ultimaker Original Plus and I was running the calibration. The print head moved all the way to the left and made a terrible juddering noise. Naturally I investigated and I saw that the limit block LEFT sags forward from the weight of the emitter and it's little wooden tag on the back misses the limit switch. I've got the switch all the way over as far as it will go but it only seems to hit the switch when the block is level, not when it's sagging. Any bright ideas?
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