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  1. I have everything in a multiple of 0.4mm :-) I guess I will just let it be...
  2. It goes away. I strongly suspect a slicing problem... The problem is that I would strongly prefere to keep the part in this orientation. Any idea on how to fix that without rotation?
  3. Okay I did try a new approach with twooutside layers and this happend: Do you see this small gab there? It is nice and clean...and should not be there. Can someone explain this? I am getteing really frustrated :-(
  4. Hello everyone, I have a problem with one of my prints and I hope you can halp me out. I try to print somthing and I got the first and last 6 layers 100% infill, everything else 0% and one outside layer. Prints like that worked before, but for this one it does not... I have made a bunch of pictures and hopfully you will understand the problem: In Cura everything looks fine. Glas bed temp First layer: Third layer: And a layer in between bottom and top: I made the Part so that everything is a multiple of the nozle size, but in this specific problem it shoulnd matter anyways. The problem is that the infill does not want to touch the outdisde layer on one side. before anyone says it is a belt problem :-) I have no such problems in any other print before. And I also tried different fillament suppliers. Here is the first layer with two different infill types. Concentric: Line infill: Overview of the bottom side of the part: The thick side on the bottom is distorted, but the thin side is not... Thick side photo was hard to make, sorry. Top view of thick side: In comparison the perfect thin side without any distortion: The infill on the top does not show such evil effects. Does anyone know how to help me here? Thank you very very much in advance! Florian
  5. I just used the pre set name "Ultimaker Original +". Now I changed it to Ultiori and that seems to work. That is not good, if the preselected name is not working. :-P I did work in the older versions. Thanks my friend!
  6. Hey everyone, I installed Cura 2.3.1. I always have to set the printer type again and all setting are gone. Every time I start Cura.... Does someone know how I can fix that? I have Cura with Alzheimer disease! Best regards, Florian Win 7 64bit.
  7. Hallo, ich habe gerade meinen UO+ zusammengebaut und er funktioniert auch eigendlich sehr gut, doch leider nicht am Druckanfang. Das Plastik kommt immer erst so in der zweiten Schicht richtig raus. Davor kommt so gut wie nichts raus. Kennt jemand das Problem und/oder kann mir jemand helfen es zu beheben? Vielen Dank! Florian
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