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  1. Thanks for replys, axsdenied, no I have not tried cleaning Bowden tube, I will try that next, thanks. Personal Drones, yes I think I will order a fresh one just in case. Chrisp, yes fan works all the time and I have a separate spool holder.... It could be that the coil bend in the filament is causing extra friction in the Bowden tube, especially if bowden tube has filament bits in it. Any other suggestions plese let me know. Thanks.
  2. Hello, I have Ultimaker 2 and have been sucessfully printing quite large and complex PLA parts for a month or so (having initially wasted some time trying to print in ABS). Now it is not going so well!! Just when I really need to get parts completed!! I can only get printer to run for short periods (couple of minutes) before feeder clicking and underextrusion starts, sometimes the feeder will start grinding untill no grip on filament. This is printing parts which I have printed sucessfully before with same reel of filament. I have tried a lot of things: - Atomic nozzel clean (many times an
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