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  1. No one has thoughts on this? I thought I'd get more reaction to the question. Anybody have buyers' regret after upgrading to UM2? Would love input... Seeker
  2. Hi Fluxline, Zortrax currently have 4 materials - https://zortrax.com/product-details/materials. But, you are right. Being a 'closed system' is probably they key difference. I like the idea of being able to print with laywood, bronze, flexible materials etc. I think Zortrax is a great 'out of the box' sulution. With busy lives and tight deadlines that is probably a good solution 90% of the time. Then again, sometimes I like to tinker and then it would be sad to lose the open nature of the Ultimaker. I also don't want to miss out on some of the awesome new materials that are increasingly starting to emerge. Back to the original question, is there any real benefit in upgrading to the UM2 over the Original? I'd love to hear from guys who had the Original and upgraded to the UM2 - what's the biggest benefit? Cheers, Seeker
  3. Hi guys, I have been the happy owner of an Ultimaker orginal since 2012. It's almost time for an upgrade. I really want to make that it indeed is an upgrade though... So, I have been researching various printers. The current shortlist is Zortrax M200 and UM2. I'm impressed with the Zortrax quality and their users seems to be very happy. Their single extruder support system seems to work very well - one of my main reasons for looking for an upgrade. But... I am a big Ultimaker fan and cannot ignore the UM2 (despite my disapointment that they have not yet brought out a tested dual extruder for the UM2...). If I go the UM2 route, I would like to make sure that the upgrade justifies the investment. I know that the whole is more that the sum of the parts as it were since there are many small improvements over the first UM, but I'd like some comments regarding quality specifically. I already have the 2nd gen nozzle (I just was they now have a metal one for the Original + (which you can't buy as an upgrade??)) and extruder and the new heated print bed upgrade for the UM will probably aid me somewhat since printing ABS on the original UM is a pain. The layer resolution is the same. Where's the benefit in upgrading to 2? Any thoughts? Seeker
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