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  1. The problem is how to configure Cura to use it, there is no way of setting a 0.6mm nozzle size / print core in current versions
  2. Hi, Will there / Is there an option for the CC Print Core to be deployed for the UM 3? Understandably there is wear on the feeder system but is it completely incompatible?
  3. Does anyone know if the UM2 firmware for dual nozzle - available in the Cura resources folder in the install has the ditto printing code command enabled? Mike
  4. Hi All, Doing some experiments with dual extruder. Anyone had any issues with slow (and i mean VERY slow) motor movement. Using cura we've fitter and extra etruder, sliced etc but on print - even if you only use one extruder the printer reduces itself to a crawl. Cant figure it out. If you use slice3r, the settings go the other way and it becomes SO fast. Cura is latest version, Firmware is 14.12.1. All thoughts and help very welcome!
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