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  1. Thanks for the reply!! I actually tried all the above already, i printed up to 0.27mm at speed of 60/70 mm/s reducing the layer time to zero but no luck. I even thought that the filament could have absorbed moisture and bought a new one but still had the same issues. Its kind of strange as I often print with woodfill and never have issues. I'll keep on doing attempts and keep you updated. Thanks anyways!!
  2. Hello all!! I have experimented a wide variety of materials in the past on my UM2 and after some troubleshooting I have always been able to print them correctly. Unfortunately this time I admit the defeat against Bamboofill and Laybrick. Both of them start very well but at some point of the print( maybe even after several hours of print) I start having a severe under-extrusion that ends up in a clogged nozzle. I tried everything: -Clean the nozzle -Clean the feeder -Adjust the tension of the feeder -Clean the bowden tube -Try different temperatures -Make the print fast with thicker layers to reduce the time of the filament in the hot end. - Dry the filament etc.etc.etc. I could stay one day listing all of them. But I have always been unable to end a print decently. What I really don't understand is why it happens suddenly and maybe after several hours of perfect printing. I was wondering if any of you could share his experience with those materials and maybe share the settings that made those filaments to print properly. Many thanks in advance!!! Federico
  3. Thanks a lot!!! I've found it on Amazon UK. Will arrive in 1-2 days, hope the replacement process won't be too complicated!! Thank you again. Federico
  4. Hi all! I am a proud owner of an U2 and I am really happy so far of the performances of the printer. Unfortunately few days ago I accidentally broke one blade of the main fan but couldn't find a replacement on the Ultimaker website. Anybody has a good tip on where to buy a good replacement fan? Thank you in advance! Federico
  5. Hello everybody! I have been using Ultimaker 2 for a long time and am very happy of the results so far. Unfortunately yesterday I accidentally inserted some filament in the main fan and one of the blades broke :cry: :cry: . I have checked on the website but could't find it as a spare part. Any suggestion on where to buy it? Thank you very much in advance for your support. Federico
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