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  1. I've now even gone as far as stripping out the laptop and doing a clean install of windows 10 and every time I try to start the latest version of Cura it just pops up with will not run and closes down. Run in compatibility more for WIN 7 and 8 and same result. I tried running as admin and it still happens, takes a couple of minutes but just shuts down. All my drivers are upto date and It's not leaving me an error file or giving me a reason it won't run.
  2. So I updated to windows 10 a couple of days ago, I tried to run Cura 15.2 and it said NO. I uninstalled and installed latest version of Cura and it won't even open. Anyone else had this and any idea on how to get round it?
  3. Where am I going wrong. Since I went from Cura 14 to Cura 15 nothing prints properly. My 14 stuff is printing okay but anything I am slicing with either version of 15 is either doing a mass retraction and then not refeeding the filament when it goes back to printing. If it does refeed it carries on printing before the filament is back and just spools every where. I run a 14 Gcode and it is fine as I said so can't be the printer. I updated the firmware as well. If it does carry on dosen't retract it kind of jams on the last 2 or 3mm at the top. An just pumps a great ball of plastic
  4. I have asked Google I even searched the forums, I couldn't find an answer. So I was wondering do older sliced models work on newer firmware. Anything I saved a Gcode for with Cura 13 will it print with firmware 15? I guess is the question or do I have to re-slice the STL files?
  5. So I have got the printer going again, was a damaged wire leading into the motor, So sorted that printed the updated feeder, and got that all built and put on and was working fine, for that print, decided that I should print a second one just in case the first one goes wrong and I needed a back up and its not doing this thing where around 50% way through the print it unloads all the filament and carries on printing without any filament in it!?
  6. http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/9476-z-axes-issue/ It is presently directly below this one but the link is above.
  7. I think this could be the same issue mine had and then it eventually ground to a deathly halt. But we explained it very differently.
  8. It's dead. I have emailed support, cradle won't return to the rear of the print bed. Motor sounds like it's grinding internally. The error message is return switch X or Y is broken. I think they motor is dead and as it is not returning it is causing issues. If I manually return it then switch it on it is fine but it can't seem to return itself. SO I shall take a wild shot in the dark return switch fail due to motor fail which has caused it to lose track of where it is. Hope support gets back to me today.
  9. So I re-flashed the UM2 with cura, it installed happily I grabbed a different print one that I had done in the last 3 days and had worked and started it printing (I save all my GCode files to my harddrive then port them to SD card so have them all backed up) An it is also printing like the printer can't actually work out where the print head is! Something has gone very wrong inside somewhere hasn't it.
  10. That is next on my list, was hoping someone might have seen it before. An knew a way round it. Or had an idea what is was, if I can sort it myself I will.
  11. What the hell is up with my UM2! I cleaned out the feeder section this morning, as it had a fair build up of dust in it. I changed the filament over and then it came back with ERROR Contact Ultimake XY switch Broken! I thought okay looks okay will just turn it off let it cool down and try again in an hour see what happens. Seemed to be working fine then the jumping started again, it gnarled the filament in the feeder once more. It well you can see the photos. I got a new SD Card, copied over a file I have printed many times before and it is well I don't know what it is doing! Will add
  12. It has only just started doing this. It is printing away happily, seems to pause for a moment makes a funny digital noise then drops about an 5mm on the Z Axes. Is this a cura problem or a printer problem? I have been having some issues with my SD cards they seem to keep frying in my laptop no idea what is causing it if it is the readers or the cards them selves this is why I am wondering if I have damaged SD cards and the printer is failing to read a section of the code then suddenly freeing locking and kicking the Z Axes to a point it can read. Amazingly I wasn't having this problem this
  13. I'm a ZBrush user. Though if I am doing technical stuff which is rare and need exact measurements which is also rare I use Sketchup. But primary I use ZBrush for everything though clay and modelling putty, plasticard, foamcard, but that's more hardware than modelling and CAD software isn't it.....
  14. I built a temporary clip using a plasticard tube.An a soldering iron. Then put the pipe in that and yeah so far it works, but I think the direct sunlight on the back of the machine will probably degrade the plastic once more so need to reposition the thing in the office away from the patio doors.
  15. my bad clicked the wrong button, should work now.
  16. Well this did actually print. Along the back of the cape (this is a bad photo) the thread actually printed it isn't the layer printing it is actually meant to be there as the cape thread, an becasue that actually worked which I wasn't expecting it too I thought I would push it a bit more which resulted in the over sizing issue I did get it down to 800K points. With some remeshing and decimation without losing too much detail and that worked but it was still 150mb. But then I broke the feeding tube point and yeah this hasn't been done yet. Using Colorfabb white as I seem to get on
  17. the bit that fits in to the t junction is all I need. Really is that simple isn't it. B&Q in the morning.
  18. Unfortunately right at this moment all the print options don't work as if I try to print it just pushed the pipe out and up and spools unmelted plastic into the air.
  19. The clip supporting my bowden tube just shattered on my UM2. This means it is no longer locking in the feeder, I was changing the filament and segment got trapped in the tube, So when removing the tube itself to get the plastic out after loseing off the back box the white plastic bit which holds it in place fell to piece, I put the pipe back in put it all back together and of course as the tube isn't help in place it moves so printing isn't going to happen right at this moment cause of this. I also found that there was a kink in the tube that the filament was sticking too. So I feel the tube
  20. Ah the infamous 64 bit operating system running 32 bit program and not being able to allocate the memory as it can't see over 3.5gb of RAM. An getting confused. Small chunks till the 64 Bit version gets round the windows glitches then. I'm not skilled enough to build a lynx system and I'm not a mac fan.
  21. I'm already using 14.12.1, it crashes out far more than the last build. Though has the same problem there. I don't mind the issues as we work around them when we can. I'm just pondering is all if it is me, or my laptop or Cura itself. I just found it interesting that it only did it with models exceeding 150mb. (I have a few)
  22. I've spent an hour rolling through the topics on here and I haven't been able to find the answer so I thought I would ask. Is Cura set to maximum STL file size of 150mb? It seems to refuse to cut any STL larger than this or combination of files which exceeds this file size and I was wondering if this is it's limit. I've just finished a higher detailed model than the one I originally did and it is kicking out at 208mb and 2 million points (down from 12 million) and ZBrush won't decimate it any more than this as its trying to hold the detail. This is just the main body of the model. The
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