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  1. I am certain this has been requested before. I just want to enter my vote for either a 1.75 filament model or an option to convert an Ultrimaker model. The last time I shopped for a new printer (1 year ago) I ended up with a Prusa MK3. I have no regret as it has perform very well. However, I would love to have an Ultrimaker with the dual head. There are certain designs where the dual head would be ideal. To Ultrimaker, I would think offering such an option would definitely increase your sales as I am certain there are many potential customers like myself that are looking for this option.
  2. Just curious if anyone out there has one of the Mankati dual extruder printers. Was thinking about buying one of these, however I noticed UM is having a problem with coming out with a dual extruder for 3mm filament on there latest model, does the Mankati printer work well with 2 extruders and 3mm filament?
  3. OK, I found a work around. I saved the assembly of my project as a STL file via Solidworks. SW saved each one as a separate file. I then used Autodesk Design123 and opened each file separately ( the Box first) and they went in to exact position on the box. I then deleted the box and saved all the logos as one STL file. I then went in to Cura and used the above instructions and everything worked as it should. Thanks to all. PS: I did update my printer type, I am looking to get a printer with a dual extruder and want to make sure I can to the software side first.
  4. Thanks to both of you for such a quick response. I was afraid that having to import all the logos at once was going to be what was recommended. My problem there is that I am using Solidworks and it will not let me save all the logos as an assembly in a STL file.
  5. OK followed the above instructions. Have a hollow box that I want to merge a second color of a logo on five sides of the box. Imported the box and one logo and merged them and all went well. Imported a second logo and merged it, however, it merged with the same color as the box. I wanted the third and all others to have the same color as the second. How can I do that?
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