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  1. Thanks! I'm super happy with it and its not my dog so im cool with it. Good practice of modelling from photos. It was still alive when i first made it, but reprinting it much larger gave me the chance to fix some modelling errors that bugged me.


    Good old acetone to smooth the PLA PHA first always helps! Even though it was too hot and humid when i was applying it and will dunk in future as its way more effective. 


    Burr tools used to cut away my manual supports. Saved me 9hrs of printing time.

  2. Thanks,

    Yes the white gloss came out well, just was not so shiny in a few places, I think that overspraying after touches dulled areas. Weird, maybe i didnt shake the can enough! I'll know for next time!

  3. Hi all,

    Havent posted in a while due to taking a bit of time out during covid, but now am back and more motivated than ever hopefully, Just finished this off for a friend, and the compartment was a last minute addition, just drilled out and slotted in, I havent made many functioning parts but it works well and the tolerance is so tight inside that the pot slides out like the lid of a new iphone box, smooooothly. So satisfying. Ill post a quick vid soon, but have already given the it to the new owner and not taken enough photos lol. Not sure how much ashes actually go in an urn so maybe if more are needed for future models I will have to find that out! But I its ok for at least a bit.

    the pics below.

    White gloss spray paint btw.









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  4. Anytime I had layer shifting I cleaned and added lube to the rods and it sorted it. You may also want to make sure there is no slack in the belts either. But cleaning has worked for me for years. Luckily I've never had to do any other kind of maintenance. But i'd start at the easiest option. Its usually larger stuff this occurs on most but I guess it can effect anything.

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  5. And today i applied a chrome paintjob, im a bit tired of plating for now. Its a big bigger than my jar so will be a pain. Just chromed it up instead. Mirror finished are very unforgiving and i rushed it a bit and touched it too often whe is was wet needing to keep respraying it. I decided to leave it after the third coat and just accept it as it was. 



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  6. Here is my Take on Takeshi 6ix9ine's diamond 'Finding Nemo' style shark medallion, such a cool design, had to make one! lol Props to the jeweller Jimmy Phan. 

    Just gotta plate this beast now, need more plating solution or a bespoke plating tank! but might just spray it for a change! 😛


    Designed so none of the teeth needed internal supports as it would be impossible to get them out after! Very happy with the result and the Acetone smoothing as well! This one did need infill though due to the open mouth cavity! Haven't used infill in aaaages for art. But it really does help acetoned models from splitting a lot.




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  7. Ill try the union thing out then also is there a remove layer touching buildplate option or turn first layer into infill option as i really would like that for large models that i dont want to waste hours on building the base.

    And thanks again for the useful information! Ill be back if it doesnt work! Lol.

  8. Ah thanks for the info. I just tend to knock out tests quickly and cant be bothered to merge or create booleans as text in a box shouldnt be too challenging to print from historical attempts. I have an issue with stuff that alters way it did to previous versions unless its better  and this definitely isnt. So rather than waste time trying to solve a problem in didnt have in any previous version ill practice what i preach and just use the older version which i have no issue with other than interface problems.

  9. 51 minutes ago, ungutknut said:

    Are you 100% sure your model is watertight? I can have a look at it if you find a way to upload it somewhere.


    Yep its simply two extruded objects one inside the other. It appears (its fact) that cura 3.4 has no issues which is why i believe cura 4.4 is the problem.

    I already prited it from 3.4 wont 'upgrade' until this issue is sorted for obvious reasons, as i often use intersecting geometry.

  10. Just curious but does the new cura still have this issue? I'm using 4.4.1 but have now reverted back to for obvious reasons. Top 4.4.1, bottom is I guess ill uninstall 4.4 1 either way as I can't trust it anymore.




    Screenshot (306).png

    Screenshot (305).png

  11. Sorry i think this is in the wrong section!! how can i delete this post? and move it into coffee corner perhaps?


    I got a Kaiser rostrum for photographing my prints, but i have no idea how to connect it to my wall, can i just rewire it to a regular socket? i have no idea what the colours are, line cables? its a old german plug.

    pics attached, i know the earth obvioulsy, but grey black and brown? no clue, im thinking greay is the actuator, and brown is live, and black i neutral but thats a blind guess. i rad there are line live neutral cables, what is a line 1 2 or 3 i have zero wiring experience?


    Any help would be greatly appreciated!





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