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  1. Ah! i was almost right about the spool at the bottom. Just rather than one there are many. Very curious how this works with spool tension breaking filaments and stuff midway. We'll see. So... no robots switching plates then. Bummer. So you can now print massive stuff without worrying if you are going to run out! No worrys for tangles and such. Just goes to next spool.
  2. still nothing....4am UK time. Im guessing they'll do it midday? I can't imagine US time as Ultimaker is not a US company. Shame would have had something interesting to read..... o well back to sculpting... Now I'm thinking about the hassle free part..... So, hassle free printing. meaning?..... where is the hassle? I have zero hassle with the S5. The real hassle is post production! So hassle may mean easy plate removal, as thats hassle. Changing filament is also hassle but not much (only if you do it via the menus!) and its not really hassle just takes a while
  3. its the 24th now. Still nothing. 🤔
  4. But that robot didn't move 😉 I really like not knowing for some reason. Am always curious if people think of improving or changing the things that I feel could be improved? Hell sometimes im not sure what can be improved. I wish I was an engineer sometimes. Meanwhile I've been delving into metal works and acetone application. lol. I thought about the continous part a bit more and think that you are still gonna have to remove the plate but it will simply carry on afterwards when you pop it back on. The automation on the S5 works real great so its all my brain can come u
  5. It could possibly be called the S3, I guess it would make sense in creating an 'S' line. Bringing a smaller version of the S5 to consumers and refreshing the line. I'm more curious about the continuous part of the statement however, and the head and feeder mechanisms.... they made a better job of crushing the blacks in this video than that of the S5 though so couldn't mess much with the colour levels.
  6. Well heres a quick composite i did. look similar to the S5 but a slimmer frame. Head looks different. more square. only hours to wait though. Im doing a cool print at the moment so i can wait! The build plate looks identical. Even the rods are the same distance apart....maybe lol. Touch display looks smaller though.
  7. Just curious but my s5 frame lights are off now for a while now, in the settings. I got my wish!! Yay! So I'm sure they'll be switch off able. Had a lot of burglars about lately so thats a welcome upgrade!? I reckon that is a dry box and lid, or else room for a mega wide spool. But seeing as no one makes mega wide spools I doubt it lol. And the spool joiners/plate rotator? I may be thinking too crazy though!
  8. Lol i used to watch robot wars back in the day. This robot reminds me of razer. My fav bot. They just punched holes in it lol. No automated generative design back in those days!! Lol.
  9. True. I guess im curious as to the potential improvements. Its exciting. Obviously fully enclosed. But most curious about the continous printing thing. How continously. Like possibly refferring (spelt wrong) to the fact it can splice and re splice filament on the fly hence creating 'continous filament for printing ( which would be nice! Even as a seperate tool mind you) or somehow a mechanism for releasing the print after its completed enabling you to continously printing more. Or both? Hmm Or a build plate prepper that wipes across the plate and preps it with some kind of layer which lat
  10. 2 Bowden tubes plus Ultimakers access to large catalogues of exotic materials for FFD printers makes this very unlikely to be SLA me thinks. However an ultra easy to use super reliable affordable midsized advanced and efficient SLA printer from Ultimaker would also be very welcome! ...sorry was reading the bottom of page 1! duh!
  11. Ohh some exciting news lol! I'm curious as to the developments as not even quite sure if beating the Um2+ for quality is even possible? But continuous printing, a conveyor belt? and exit door at the back? hmmm not long to wait now....
  12. Well printed off my little door knocker scan. Didnt come out too bad! Gaudi's bust scan is next!
  13. I agree fulky as it was also the reason i bought an Ultimaker also. I even remember asking people for the best print settings which i now know depend on many things. But experience alone didnt help. Reading personal stories and solutions did. I understand the company wanting to givecall the advice they feel is relevant. But you always miss something or the solution becomes superceded with a better solution. 3d printing still needs the community of people who are willing to spend the time one on one and explaining to newbies how things are done. Im currently having a mega hard time trying to pr
  14. Now I just use zephyr free. I dont need much more. 50 photo limit is plenty! My scans came out great here is a door knocker raw scan..
  15. Im in Barcelona at the moment checkin out Gaudis style. Did a few scans we'll see how good they come out when I get back!. Also finally started to paint my nakedish lady. Will post pics soon. Doing some concrete molds as well looking good. Shame I have a job to do.... just not enough hours in the day! Keep it up k-man always an inspiration!!
  16. What material is that just out of interest? Looks a bit like CF Dutch Orange?
  17. I hear you about the motor skills, It taken me many years just to gain the ones I have at the moment. Given time brains luckily tend to remap themselves so fingers crossed for you!! Will be posting some pics for your entertainment soon!!!
  18. Hope the surgery went well @kmanstudios! and wishing you a speedy recovery!! I need some of your inspiration. I've been mainly working on speed optimized support structure generation for my models. But I've also done tons of scanning and finally used my 3D pen for urgent work!!! To those without 3d pens, If you have big holes or massive welds to do, there is no better tool! I printed replacement arms for my model because elements on the others were wrong, so rather than printing the entire thing again, I simply reprinted the arm and helmet and then welded them together using the same colour fi
  19. I agree, as some people may think they need to subscribe to something and just not bother clicking. The word 'Join' may frighten them away. I didn't click on it because I thought well I don't want to join because I am already a member? but maybe thats just me! lol.
  20. Made this model to go into space! Yay! Makes a change from my usual black background! The black of space!!!
  21. Phone cams tend to be better for photogrametry as there tends to be more in focus. Its the moving subject thats the main issue. Thats why masking is key plus some basic pointcloud cleanup. Makes a world of difference. Dont forget that even breathing will ruin a scan to some extent hence using masks to separate. Try to do it on a plain backgrounc if your gonna be masking... just goes a lot faster.
  22. It was tricky before but now its easy and free and even offline. I used zephyr lite. It has a limit of only 50 photos but seeing as that is plenty for a bust its fine. There is also an included mask maker, so you highlight the subject and separate it from the background. Its super quick and easy, even though it still takes a bit of time doing it 50 times, but its so worth it. I wish Autodesk had a free small photo limit. But the masking makes a massive difference. Ive used tons of these proggies and this one has it all. But sorry PC only.
  23. Thanks! Im going paint a few now. I scanned half my museum! Lolz. Filament is a bit poor. Too old ?? Who knows.
  24. Just thought I'd try to print some glasses on a model rather than adding ,(my photogrammetry scanned cousin). Glasses were scanned separately on a table by the way. Printing worked great but made the eyes harder to clean up being behind the glasses. Default support settings. Sprayed white. I'm starting to experiment with paint now... Pooh brown colorfabb at 0.06 Hopefully ill have a model in space by Monday, fingers crossed.
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