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  1. Thank you for your reply. There is a very small red area. I'll try to fix that. Bests Tom
  2. Dear devs! cura calculates wrong overhangsurfaces (red ones). Due to this supports are not built porperly. What can be wrong?? image: http://www.ib-guder.de/overhangs.png Best wishes & have a nice day! Tom
  3. Hello! I also have a noise when the Y-Axis moves. Reducing the current to 850mA temporarily fixed that for me (Y-Motor also was getting very hot after 30 min of printing). Tom
  4. Could you please go into details? Do you have a thread about this? Bests Tom
  5. Thank you for answering. For which temperatures are the motors designed? Did you measured temperatures of the motors? Tom
  6. I reduced now the current for X/Y from 1300 mA to 850 mA. Both steppermotors are touchable, no loss of steps until now with 50mm/s. Does a low current any harm to the circuits and electrical parts? Thank you in advance Tom
  7. Hello dear community and dear Ultimaker-Team, I noticed a temperature difference between the X-Stepper (right one?) and the Y-Stepper (left one?). The current is set to 1300 mA. Printspeed is about 50mm/s. The left motor becomes very hot, I can't touch it for more than 3 seconds. And it is much louder (hums, buzzes, when it moves). The right one becomes hot, but I can touch it. The model to print is a sphere, so both motors should have the "same work to do". Is this an intended behaviour or should I adjust the current for the hot motor? Thank you and have a nice day! Tom Guder
  8. BTW: I always got a response with the ticket system within 2 days. @Ultimaker Team: please keep your good quality and stay good-humored!
  9. Hey guys, please keep in mind, that there was christmasholidays between december and january. Only very few people want to work at this time. Further I do know what it means to deliver high quality products under high pressure from your customers. Remember: Shipping _begins_ to being late _after_ the 6th week. Keep calm please! Tom Guder
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