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  1. Mein Drucker ist 24 Monate alt. Wurde immer sehr behutsam gehandhabt. Vollständig kalibriert. Selten aber regelmäßig in Betrieb genommen (2/3 der brozenen original PLA Spule verdruckt) Weitere Spule ABS (schwarz) zu 99% vorhanden. Standort: Dortmund Preis: 1500€
  2. I haven't gotten around to further testing. At the moment I even suspect a firmware related error. Since I recall the problem only appearing after the last firmware upgrade. Or in other words I'm still clueless.
  3. Current market price for a 10 month old UM2 minus how much the repairs will set one back. Latter is hard to gauge but I'd estimate 200€
  4. Let's assume the rods where my problem. I wonder how they became bent over time.. seems implausible to me. Do Ultimaker themselves actually offer some kind of support in such situations as mine? Actually considering selling the printer as broken and cutting my losses. Real shame.
  5. Thanks for the info about the assembly. It will most probably come in handy down the road. So after another frustrating day of tinkering I'm still clueless. I printed a simple one layer thick cylinder to test the z-axis behaviour. There are some fuzzy particles around the edges but all 110mm worth of layers extruded at 0.1mm each on top of one another without any signs of under extrusion or skipping. So I jump onto an object I want to print and after a few hours of printing it turns out like this: I'm left guessing its a problem with the filament feeding. Come to think of it this onl
  6. Sorry that was a typo. I meant to write WD40 but it was very early in the morning. And you are correct I am not planning on using it as a lubricant. I want to clean away the old grease which I assume is covered in dust/dirt and reapply some propper CRC Multigrease to the Z-screw. I'm hoping for the best, but I fear two things: 1. Having to take the entire printer apart because I can't reach the Z-nut and 2. It's not an error with the Z-axis but with the filament feeding and having to modify the printer in the following or similar way http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:430899
  7. Seems like my cleaning efforts failed. Another layer failed to extrude properly, effectively dividing my print in two. I'll give WD40 a try tomorrow. Edit: WD40*
  8. I've always had an aversion to manually moving such seemingly delicate parts. So I rarely did it. However In my case I just noticed the z-screw moves as if it had sand on it! Especially towards the top. Come to think of it I've only had the z-layer issue since I relubed the screw a few weeks back. I have no idea what went wrong as I used the supplied Magnalube in the way I was told to. But I hope properly cleaning and applying new lubrication will fix my problem.
  9. Thanks for your extensive reply gr5. So far I've always managed to solve any problems with my printer. Overcoming issues and tinkering is part of the fun... as long as there is a solution in sight. My frustration caused me to be a little overdramatic. So far this bug has been very illusive. Some prints indicate a certain z-height at which the error occurs. The open dive print shown in the picture above actually had two broken layers. The second one occuring several hours after the first. None of them consistent with with the location of previous errors and what is most frustrating... unless I
  10. > These gap layers are often caused by a tangled filament that repairs itself. Where does the filament get tangled and would there be a way to avoid it getting tangled? Does anyone have any idea what I could try? I feel like im sitting on 2k worth of trash as of right now :(
  11. Hey guys, I'm having a problem with my U2 that I can't seem to get my head around. After an extended period of inactivity my printer has started producing inconsistent print errors in the z-axis. It's especially bad when printing with ABS as the tension/warping causes the printed parts to actually split along the seam. It seems that at times during printing a single layer doesnt extrude correctly or the heatbead lowers to far, leaving a larger gap. I witnessed the error on several pla prints at about 11mm height. With the abs print shown in the picture above the error occured at 19mm height
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