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  1. I have exactly the same problem, a line on the front side of the cylinder shaped print. Subscribing to this topic as I hope someone can share a Solution to fix / improve that.
  2. I received my first Ultimaker yesterday, the Ultimaker 2+ Connect and I am amazed by the print quality it produces out of the box without any levelling! In previous posts I was quite negative about Ultimaker as I thought they are n ot very innovative in comparison to e.g. Prusa but now having am Ultimaker myself and able to compare the print quality I totally changed my opinion. For example the bed adhesion of my UM is unlike anything I ever experienced. I didn't apply any spray or glue to the glass plate and the print parts stick to it like a rock, it is unbelievable. I stil
  3. Yes the cover and dual extruders from UM are very good and reason I still consider to buy a new UM.
  4. Thank you for your response. I hear that argument quite often “can’t compare Prusa with UM” and while that might be correct 5 years ago, I don’t think it holds true today. I don’t want to talk bad about UM but from my experience using an UM3 and Prusa MK3 I don’t see differences in print quality or reliability between both. Fact is that UM is expensive and outdated compared to other printers available. I want to buy another UM but if there is not a huge improvement on technical / innovative side, than I find it difficult to justify to pay a premium for a printer that produces the same print
  5. Thank you for clarifying! I am just curious when a new Ultimaker with similar price range to UM3 can be expected. As per initial post UM3 is nearly 3 years old and I don’t want to spend so much money for the outdated features it is using compared to Printers that cost 1\3 of the price. An updated UM with latest features would be my preference but If no update is in sight than I probably go for Prusa rather than UM2 or UM3.
  6. Ultimaker 3 was released in October 2016, so when can we expect an upgraded version that is not targeted for professional users (5s) but for consumers? Any indications if / when an upgrade to UM3 can be expected? I hope it will have all the smart features like Prusa printers have (e.g. magnetic sheets, filament sensor) which should be expected for the price Ultimaker usually charges.
  7. Hallo Freunde, I am very close to press the buy button for the new Ultimaker 2 Plus but would appreciate to read some feedback from users that have now tested the a UM2+ and can compare it to the UM2. What is your honest feedback when comparing these two printers. I like to know things like. Is there a real improvement when comparing UM2+ with UM2 (details please) Would you upgrade again if you had the chance or rather stay with the UM2 (or any other brand) What would you consider still weaknesses that need to be improved
  8. Hi Dim3nsioneer, Thank you for you prompt response. So beside the heated bed missing on the go the only technical difference to the current UM2 is the build size. I did not expect to get an answer on my UM3 question but no harm in asking :-) Thank you again. :-)
  9. Hi All, I am interested to buy a 3D printer and really like to go for the current UM2. My question, will there be a technical difference between the current UM2 and the coming Go / Extension ? I there will be an upgrade to the UM2 once Go and Extension are released than I will wait with my purchase. Also, is there a major upgrade planned this year (e.g UM3) ? Thank you, Tarek
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