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  1. I believe the reason you cannot find it at the UM store is that it has been "discontinued." Apparently the signature blue developed mfg problems in one batch and now is deemed not up to UM standards. Perhaps, making a post, seeking UM blue from others may net you some responses. However, there is no way to tell by looking at the responders who may wish to sell you theirs, whether or not you will receive one of the acceptable quality batches before the QC problems surfaced. GL2U
  2. Josef, this is what the FDM print this morning came out looking like. The professional printer is an extremely well qualified, head of hub guy who printed this for me, in basically a 3cm square sized sample. I'm not happy, and we're trouble shooting. For some reason, the .STL file is not providing the proper command to close the top layer. I'm stumped. Here's the link so you can download the really messed up final print at this stage. https://www.dropbox.com/s/q3wqdvbhna7fc5s/WP_20150410_17_10_09_Pro.jpg?dl=0
  3. Might visit Shurik here on the forum--http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/user/25405-shurik/. He's from Israel as well, and a pretty sharp UM2'er. Also, pop into chat tomorrow, and ask there. Sorry, no one responded to you earlier today. I'm sure there is a solution, if the right people can collaborate with you. Hang in there, Help's a comin'.!!!
  4. Congrats on your award. Q? I think I've seen two different photos of this elephant....1) without engraved supporter signatures, and one with. Which one is in the colorfabb lobby photo? It seems to me like it is the "smooth, non-engraved one." Are there more than just these two enormous accomplishments/elephants printed?
  5. I'm wanting a few sample sliding box lid builds printed so that I can test out staining, sanding, etc., post build . Saw Barnacules' YT and had an idea, but I want it in laywood or woodfill. And I want them that small. Any takers? Will pay by paypal. prefer USA to save on postage. I'll select the thingie verse file. Thanks.
  6. PLUS PLUS PLUS votes here for all the above!
  7. RE: warning re: [printing with] T-glase, a set of .STL files was released last week by an altruistic soul/public figure who is trying to save the world, one hydroponic lettuce plant at a time, apparently. He's swearing by the mini-lutz as being the best machine for the use of t-glase filament. Yes, he has a UM2, and took specific time out to pan it as being more trouble than he could overcome. So, he's recommending w/OUT reservation the mini-lutz if one is going to work in T-glase which he is promoting. That was a disappointing read re: UM2. I wrote him, with a couple of suggestions to i
  8. Usually borosilicate glass doesn't have as much trouble with expansion / contraction. I need to disagree with you here. Boronsilicate glassware does NOT like expansion/contraction AT ALL. You can't put BoronSilicate glass on an electric burner, it will shatter. You can't pull it from refrig and place in an oven--it will shatter, practically speaking. This from many decades of use in controlled settings. Coors porcelain labware? Same result. These types of heat resistant glass/ceramics DO have their limits. There is basically NO guaranteed flexibility in BoronSilicate/Pyrex glass. Sorr
  9. Mother as sculpted by Josef. Absolutely Amazing! Incredibly talented, real life sculptor Josef, professional in every email exchange. Now, to hold up my end of this deal and get it printed. I will return with a post edit after I accomplish my part of this most generous offer from Josef, and have an actual repousse' print to share with the forum. I'm pretty jazzed about this. She's 85 in this photo. She just turned 89 in Jan '15. There was no touchup of the original photo, no photoshopping, no airbrushing, no blemishes nor teeth touchup, no wrinkles removed! This is just simply a sk
  10. Thanks for the update, Josef. All the best. Did you receive my 'neckline gallery' to assist your final render? Pls advise. Can send again if necessary.
  11. Give them to the grandkids? Wrap extension cords around them? Build a spindle for them and sell them as a companion holder for those who knit and crochet. Sell them to those who do their own weaving. Start offering them on eBay to people who are going to be recycling by extruding their own filament from scrap? So many ideas, so little time. LOL
  12. I'm interested in the pricing in US$ of one of these sets of Anders' custom heater blocks and 3 nozzles sets out of the second batch currently being manufactured. I missed where that purchase price was mentioned in the last 14 pages. Either that, or I'm getting old. LOL How about a price quote, guys for a US buyer? Include shipping, as well, please.
  13. perhaps because we LOST that war, Dim3nsioneer Ben Franklin was a member of the Royal Court, and as such was imprisoned by King George III for treason upon returning to UK to present the "Official Independence" documents at the end of the war. That trip was undertaken to officially complete US independence actions. He rotted there for over two years while the King exacted his revenge upon the colonies and took it out on Franklin, and put into place British Taxation on the colonies in perpetuity. We got exactly zip, and are stuck with imperial units, and several other vestiges of our inden
  14. COOL info re: Win7 calculator/View drop down menu. THANKS, AmyInNH Now, if Win7's calculator would ALSO convert units of weight as well, so that USA imperial units, and avoirdupois units, and carat units could be accomodated, as well. For example, buying a 1000g spool of filament sounds like a lot, until one realizes that basically 454g = 1 avoirdupois pound. If pocket scales the size of credit cards can do this, surely an on screen Win7 calculator can also provide this comfort. <sigh>
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