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  1. perhaps because we LOST that war, Dim3nsioneer Ben Franklin was a member of the Royal Court, and as such was imprisoned by King George III for treason upon returning to UK to present the "Official Independence" documents at the end of the war. That trip was undertaken to officially complete US independence actions. He rotted there for over two years while the King exacted his revenge upon the colonies and took it out on Franklin, and put into place British Taxation on the colonies in perpetuity. We got exactly zip, and are stuck with imperial units, and several other vestiges of our inden
  2. COOL info re: Win7 calculator/View drop down menu. THANKS, AmyInNH Now, if Win7's calculator would ALSO convert units of weight as well, so that USA imperial units, and avoirdupois units, and carat units could be accomodated, as well. For example, buying a 1000g spool of filament sounds like a lot, until one realizes that basically 454g = 1 avoirdupois pound. If pocket scales the size of credit cards can do this, surely an on screen Win7 calculator can also provide this comfort. <sigh>
  3. As a colonist, I've nearly worn out the http://convert-me.com link on my browser bookmarks. GOD BLESS those Russians behind this url.
  4. Is this a real purchase option still available via an online order option? Now, with the 2015 Feb release, new UM2 wee one version, Daid, you can now pack a lunch and your UM-Jr, plus a few health bars, eh and still have room for a good magazine, right??
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