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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. I just love the fact that the PEI bulidplate doesn't need any additional ingredient like glue. Also, I don't like the glossy finish of the side that is attached to the glass buildplate. Anyway, the operation principle of the bed leveling seems to be a show-stopper here.
  2. Hi All, The best add-on I ever bought for my UM2+ was a PEI-coated aluminum buildplate with a thickness of 5mm [1]. This buildplate completely replaces the original glass buildplate. As I mainly work with PLA, this buildplate just solved almost all my issues with warping or lose parts. On top, it gives me a quite equally locking finish on all sides of the printed parts. Now, I got my hands on an UMS5. After the original aluminum buildplate was canceled, I was wondering if I could just get the same PEI-coated aluminum buildplate for the S5. There is no UMS5 option in the drop-down menu on the website but it is possible to provide custom dimensions. So basically, I would just need the exact dimensions of the buildplate and the locations of the screw holes. Question A: Does anyone have these dimensions at hand? Besides the missing dimensions, I am also not sure if this would work out that easily with the UMS5. There must be a reason why the original aluminum buildplate was canceled. Also, the automated bed leveling could be an issue. The buildplate would be bigger than the one for the UM2+, so there might be some significant deformation due to the thermal conditions. Question B: What problems could be raised from replacing the original glass build plate? Another option could be PEI sheets but I don't have any experience with these so far... [1] https://clever3d.de/epages/7a4290fc-7c7f-46cc-9b99-eadef22228e2.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/7a4290fc-7c7f-46cc-9b99-eadef22228e2/Products/c3d-DDP-PEI-natur/SubProducts/c3d-DDP-PEI-natur-0015
  3. That's a bug you found there... Ok, then I will open an issue on GitHub...
  4. I just did a fresh install of Cura 2.7 on my new Macbook with macOS Sierra (10.12.6). It seems like Cura is automatically creating an 'AppData' folder in my home folder. The folder contains a 'Local/cura' folder with the log files 'stderr.log' and 'stdout.log'. This folder and files are always recreated when Cura is loaded. Is this intended or just a hard-coded Windows path?
  5. I wanted to ask the same question. I was pretty surprised to find a 15.04 version number after upgrading my UM2 to an UM2+ with Cura 2.1.3 und OS X. But it seems to be normal then. Could somebody please confirm this?!
  6. 3Dnerd: 120,00 EUR überwiesen (2 Platten), eMail an Fa. my3Dtec.de gesendet Botter: 60,00 EUR per PayPal geschickt (1 Platte), eMail an Fa. my3Dtec.de gesendet JotWe: 60,00 EUR per PayPal geschickt (1 Platte), eMail an Fa. my3Dtec.de gesendet
  7. Hallo zusammen, ich würde mich der Bestellung auch gerne noch anschließen. 1x Martin Hillenbrand, Orange 1x Erri, farbe egal 1x Chris123, Farbe egal 2x TinkerGnome, Orange oder Natur 2x Peter Figge, rot 1x Botter, Natur 2x Der_s, Farbe egal 1x reibuehl, Natur 1x Gazelle, blau, natur oder egal 2x 3Dnerd, natur 1x JotWe, natur
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