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  1. Hi Skinny and yellowshark, thanks for the responses. The setting are below: Quality Layer Height (mm): 0.1 Shell Thickness (mm): 0.8 Retraction Enabled Fill Bottom/Tip Thickness (mm): 0.6 Fill Density (%): 15 Speed and Temperature Print speed (mm/s): 50 Temperature: 220C - We've had to run it at the higher end of the PLA range to try and counteract the patchiness, but it does seem to be getting progressively worse. Yellowshark how do I reduce the bed to nozzle distance to 0.04mm? currently using the paper method for calibrating the bed.
  2. Hi Guys. Need some assistance with a problem we've been having. Our prints are coming out very patchy, see images attached. First layer Top & Bottom Surfaces I've cleaned the nozzle and re-calibrated the build plate but the prints continue to print patchy even with different spools. The feeder does seem to be skipping but there is no obstruction stopping the spool from moving and I can't find any blockage in the line. Anyone advice? Ian
  3. Hello All. New to the forum and ultimaker. We've bought and ultimaker 2 for our design office a bout 2 months ago, loving it so far. But I've noticed we've started to get some build problems with one of our spools of PLA. The drive motor sounds like it skips (a but like a hiccup) and we're getting very patchy prints. I've cleaned the nozzle out and we're not having the same problem with the other spool we got with the machine, so I'm assuming the PLA has degraded. This particular spool was sealed in a plastic bag with a silicon gel pack when we received it so it's only been open to the elements for max 2 months. How long do you find the PLA spools normally last before they showing signs of degrading?
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