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  1. and yes r2d2, you got me! - I was excited for maybe a dual extruder ultimaker 3 - a newbie got owned! :-P
  2. gr5, Thank you so much for the explanation, there is simply so much to learn on 3D printing, and this forum is why I choose the Ultimaker 2. Others have said that ABS smells bad like burnt plastic, but both my wife and I can smell PLA after 2 hours in a 4 hour print. Does anyone (or maybe everyone does already) use some type of an exhaust system? I have only printed 3 items at 210C which wasn't bad, but I just out of curiosity and per a tech at fbrc8 (called them originally on temp and original "bead" not sticking to bed) they said to adjust head temp to 220C or even 230C. So I printed 3 more of the same items at 220C and it makes the PLA smell almost unbearable. Maybe my nose is to sensitive, therefore in order to enjoy more 3D printing, I am looking for a good type of exhaust fan. Bottom line though, my grand total of 6 pieces that I printed plus the robot, all turned out pretty good. Again, thank you and the forum! Newbie!
  3. Hello, My first post but on your last section question (I have just received a ultimaker 2 if they helps because of possible rev changes) - wasn't answered: You asked: if in the materials menu I see PLA, ABS and Custom. ISTM possible that non-default values could be stored in "Custom" and would apply until I explicitly selected PLA again from that menu. I am curious also, do settings in custom hold for temperature etc. Or if you answered it, forgive my newbieness Thanks!
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