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  1. and yes r2d2, you got me! - I was excited for maybe a dual extruder ultimaker 3 - a newbie got owned! :-P
  2. gr5, Thank you so much for the explanation, there is simply so much to learn on 3D printing, and this forum is why I choose the Ultimaker 2. Others have said that ABS smells bad like burnt plastic, but both my wife and I can smell PLA after 2 hours in a 4 hour print. Does anyone (or maybe everyone does already) use some type of an exhaust system? I have only printed 3 items at 210C which wasn't bad, but I just out of curiosity and per a tech at fbrc8 (called them originally on temp and original "bead" not sticking to bed) they said to adjust head temp to 220C or even 230C. So I printe
  3. Hello, My first post but on your last section question (I have just received a ultimaker 2 if they helps because of possible rev changes) - wasn't answered: You asked: if in the materials menu I see PLA, ABS and Custom. ISTM possible that non-default values could be stored in "Custom" and would apply until I explicitly selected PLA again from that menu. I am curious also, do settings in custom hold for temperature etc. Or if you answered it, forgive my newbieness Thanks!
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