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  1. What the subject says. At least in Ubuntu, cura is not obeying the system font choices, and just uses whatever tiny fonts are hardwired in the appimage. Is there a workaround? Apparently the people who decided to bundle Cura as an Appimage do not understand the concept that different people have different-sized monitors or different visual acuity.
  2. Search has been a solved problem for decades. Why is it so hard to implement it properly? When I type "foo bar baz" I expect to *ONLY* see articles containing all three words, not articles containing any three. The default should always be conjunction, never disjunction.
  3. Before I brick my UM2... I'm successfully building github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker2Marlin/Marlin at SHA dabb1c under Arduino 1.6.8. Questions: Which bootloader should I use? I assume the various settings in Configuration.h are for the UM2 (at least the thermal settings and the display settings are. How about dimensions? Is this the repo from which the production version of the firmware is built? If so, would it be possible to upload the various configurations used to produce the standard firmwares distributed with Cura? Thanks, /ji PS: Thanks to Daid for making the simulator av
  4. As others have pointed out, this would probably interfere with the interrupts. How I would do it would be to set up a Trinket to run the neopixels, and also set up the Trinket as an I2C slave device, come up with an ad hoc protocol, and send commands over I2C.
  5. Brilliant. Everything works fine now. I'm taking the opportunity of having to disassemble my UM2 to install the UM2+ upgrade to add second display, which I can read while standing up!
  6. I don't understand why people are complaining. Would you rather an upgrade were *not* available, and to get the new features you would have to buy a new printer? Prices are set by supply and demand. If you think the upgrade is too expensive for you, just don't buy it, or make your own.
  7. I'm curious: why are new clamps for the heated bed needed? /ji PS: Obviously this is not a complaint about the extra five cents the new clamps cost!
  8. Version 1.0


    Two guys surreptitiously scanned the bust of Nefertiti and made the highly-detailed .stl file available.
  9. Working off https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker2Marlin at SHA 12b4cb9fad232411dd2b1cafe821547ee5f1e272. I can build and run MarlinSimulator (W7Pro, Code::Works 16.01 with MinGW, SDL 1.2.15, all freshly installed), and get to here: Clicking anywhere or pressing random keys does nothing (OK, ESC exits!). Clicking on the red square turns it to green, and then the firmware displays an error message: Am I doing something wrong? There are no instructions on how to run the beast (I'm grateful it even exists!). Has anyone other than Daid successfully run it? Thanks, /ji
  10. Between generally poor eyesight and oncoming presbyopia, I find the little display on the UM2 hard to read without sitting down in front of it, which is generally inconvenient. Any of the following would be acceptable solutions: Replace the built-in display with a large display that I can move higher up. Add a second display and hack the firmware to drive both. Just use octoprint/octopi connected to the USB port, and put a display on that (there is some support for the piTFT display from Adafruit. has anyone tried any of these, and have any words of wisdom before I go down the rabbit-h
  11. Brilliant. I vaguely knew of octoprint/octopi, but I didn't realize that Cura could talk to it. So much for cleaning up my apartment this weekend
  12. The nice people who made the Doodle3D have open-sourced all the code (https://github.com/Doodle3D). Consider these points: Cura can talk to Doodle3D. Doodle3D runs on top of OpenWRT. OpenWRT runs on Raspberry Pi. All these are open-source. (Actually, Cura is supposed to be able to talk to Doodle3D, I can't find how, however). Anyway, has anyone put together a Raspberry Pi image thta contains (at least) the printing aspects of Doodle3D? I don't much care about the drawing from a tablet aspect, I'm getting an actual Doodle3D unit for that. Failing that, does anyone know where such topi
  13. I'm doing some calibrations, and I'm using tweak_at_z to change parameters. I have ten instances of the plugin (50mm part, change every 5mm), and of course every time I change a value, the whole model is re-sliced. Is there a way to temporarily turn this off? It's especially annoying when I need to change more than one value per plugin (please, no comments along the lines of "you shouldn't be changing more than one value when calibrating, I know what I'm doing). Thanks
  14. The only NYC-related post I found was the one from last June about the imakr store (which I have yet to visit). Any 3D printing meetups in NYC that also attract UM owners?
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