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  1. Thanks Erin, that's a good advice to try out. Indeed, top and front panel took most of the strain from the fall. Maybe I can replace just those two and be operational again.
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply and suggestions! I didn't think about loosening the frame screws, I assumed they will be interconnected with other 'critical' parts? I'll give that a shot. But I did think of disassembling the whole printer and then trying and aligning the frame panels individually somehow. Herculean task, at least in my mind though, so I thought about asking here first and see. And of course, careful testing is needed as you suggest. Right now I think the printer is electronically operational but obviously not mechanically, the rods do get stuck... 😕
  3. Thanks for the replies! I'm attaching the pictures separately. Fortunately, there are two resellers in my country (Cyprus). I'm curious how the process works though, as I don't expect the resellers to stock parts like a housing frame. For instance, do I contact and request the parts and in turn they order the parts from Ultimaker? I'm wondering whether you guys have any insight on how the process works...thanks.
  4. Hi guys, My Ultimaker 2 (upgraded to 2+) fell and got damaged. I wrote the below email to info@ultimaker.com but I did not receive any reply. Perhaps someone can help or offer a suggestion. Bottom line, I'm looking to buy the housing panels of the printer and try and replace them with the damaged ones. Thanks for your help.
  5. Yes! Leveling the bed after the new firmware fixed it. Thank you so much! I'm really loving this community.
  6. Hi, First of all, I'm sorry but I didn't know how to search for this. At the preparation stage of a print, the filament comes out of the nozzle just fine. As soon as it starts to print the object, then it stops and it just goes through the motions without extruding. In fact, it sort of carves through the glue, so I thought maybe the bed needed leveling. I tried leveling the bed, changing and reinserting the filament and even updating the firmware. No joy. And this out of the blue, last time I used the printer was a few days ago on a successful print.
  7. Hi, If I could please get an update on the status of my order #R372085086? Order made on 13/12. Thank you.
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