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  1. Different GCodes but I have never setup these in cura outside of layer thickness etc. I am using two different versions of cura depending on which laptop I use. I will take a look at the setup of both and report back if I need more assistance.
  2. Thanks Robert, Fortunately I am not paying for material out of my own pocket so cost isn't really an issue but time is... I'm going to buy a role but most likely I will be back on here asking about optimal settings. Someone did mention that your feeder is best suited to this material so I will probably print this first. Do you have a few revs of your feeder or is there just one design on youmagine?
  3. Hi, I have 4 UM2 printers all running on the same version of firmware yet they don't all do the same thing when it comes to their pre print routine. Once the bed and nozzle have reached temp and the build plate rises to begin printing I am seeing the following on different printers 1. The nozzle will purge (dispense material) onto the front left hand corner of the glass and then printing begins 2. The nozzle will purge while moving to the start position of the print job 3. No purge will happen Is anybody else seeing get these differences while running the same version of firmware? Is this a friend ware issue or does this get setup somewhere else?
  4. Thanks Valcrow, think I'll give it a shot. What's the worst that could happen
  5. Hey everyone, So im thinking of buying a roll of ninja flex to try some different styles of printing. They dont really recommend using the filament on a bowden style printer but I dont tend to let stuff like that deter me. So im wondering before I make the purchase is it worth it or will I end up having to do endless tweaks for shitty resuts? Also, what are the finished products like? Im hoping it finishes sort of grippy so it could be used as feet or as a corner protector if you know what I mean.....
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