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  1. Alright, I'll try unchecking combing first and see if lifting Z for travels is necessary or not. I'll let you know about my results. Thanks gr5
  2. So I don't understand why Cura cares about the machine settings as it's shown in the picture attached.
  3. Hi, When printing the top surface, the print head doesn't move continuously from point A to point B but fill the the top surface by "zone" and it generates irregularities when joining those zones. You can see the difference from the first picture that is printed with another slicer engine and the other picture printed with Cura. On the part printed with Cura the top surface is divided by printing zone. Is there a way to avoid that? Thanks a lot for your help
  4. Hi, I'm using cura with a Reprap. Do I have to "install the custom firmware" on every computer I use for Cura or the parameters extracted from my firmware are also saved when you "save a profile"? For example, now I have in Cura an extrusion rate value from my customized firmware. If I "save the profile" from my computer and then "load the profile" from another computer, does the extrusion rate value is the same or do I have to "install the custom firmware" again? Thanks a lot for your help
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