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  1. I saw brianmichalk's post about printing the mask from Long Live Your Smile link here : https://longliveyoursmile.com/3d-printable-mask-for-covid-19/ I downloaded the files they created and the idea and shape seem far superior to the N95 design that was released earlier. However I did not like how they popped in the piece, since it seems to compromise the ability to seal off that part of the mask. I made a design change that incorporates the grid from the snap in piece into the mask itself. The snap in piece has been altered slightly as well. To assemble, place filter into mask
  2. The mask design definitely needs work. Huge gaps and hard to conform so air flow is restricted through the filter section. I have to stay home from work for 2 weeks (MA USA shutdown except for essential businesses) so I may play with designs. The file for the design I made is here. Print out twice and rotate 90 degrees to one another when putting in mask Mask Filter.stl
  3. I Just registered using NA as company name since I don't have a company. Have my UM2 test printing mask parts now. I designed a new filter for the honeycomb piece since retractions were killer on printing with the original. Created piece that was half the height of original. Created slits same dimensions as sizing of hexagons so can take two discs and place in mask at 90 degrees to one another (if that makes sense). Parts print 7 minutes faster than original with almost no retraction needed. I may have access to 2-3 more Ultimakers if needed.
  4. Yes once I had better settings to use.....,4 mm nozzle is no good. lol It does smell nice when you use it! I haven't played with sanding or staining or a flame on this stuff.......yet
  5. The Corkfill is great to use. I haven't found any other advantages other than the look of the finished product. I wanted to see how it looked as opposed to PLA etc. I like playing with the exotic filaments and am hoping to try a few post finishing techniques to see how it turns out.
  6. Version 1.0


    I took Geoffro's HD bust of Groot and sliced it to get a larger print of his head. Printed in Corkfill from Colorfabb. Print is straight off printed with no post processing and finish is great. Robot in 3rd image is to give you an idea of scale. Thanks to @Labern for his input after I was dealing with clogs. He recommended nozzle size of at least .6 and increasing flow and disabling retraction. Used .8 nozzle with 10% increase in flow and was able to keep retractions on.
  7. Version 1.0


    Once again printing out @StarJeff model of the EE-3! Moved scope attachment location on the barrel to make it easier to fit a standard 4 x 20 scope. Different color scheme with this one that my son decided was the one he wanted. Black PLA that was painted except for stock. Stock printed in Proto Pasta annealable coffee filament.
  8. In Cura under Tools check "Print one at a time" instead of "Print all at once" This is influenceed by the height of your print. If objects are too tall then this option may not be available. edit - assuming you are using Cura that is.....
  9. Birthday gift for my son......the EE-3 [print=3149][/print]
  10. Version 1.0


    Original model by Starjeff is fantastic. Prints easily but will consume a fair amount of filament if printed at full scale. Birthday present for my son who is an avid Star Wars fan. I modified the scope mounts and the scope clamps to accommodate a 4x20 scope and also created the Mandalorian badge to put on the gun. Printed in colorfabb black and then primed and painted. edit - forgot to add that the stock is printed in 3Dom's Entwined filament (hemp based). I am working on two other EE-3 blasters as well, one for my other son and one for me
  11. Version 1.0


    Played around with basic pipe design and started printing these out. Several different filaments that I have been trying out. Printed with .6 nozzle....except for corkfill - .8 nozzle for that 1. 3DOM Buzzed filament - made with recycled beer waste products 2. 3DOM Entwined filament - made with hemp 3. Proto pasta Aromatic Pine 4. Colorfabb Corkfill 5. Laywood 6. Proto pasta Aromatic Pine 7. Faberdashery Smoky Black more to follow as I keep playing.
  12. 3DKitbash Boon dinosaur printed in 3DOM buzzed filament He got busy evolving himself and he created.....Boon-Dominus Rex! Printed in Faberdashery Architect's Stone Got to love framily Birthday gifts for my youngest son,
  13. Version 1.0


    3DKitbash model Boon - excellent to print. Small model unmodified printed in 3DOM Buzzed (recycled beer filament) Original scaled 1.5 Printed at 210 at 45mm, .8 shell, 20% infill with .4mm nozzle, 2mm layer height Model then modified in Zbrush and Maya. Scaled 2.5 times Faberdashery Architect's Stone, 210 at 45mm, .8 shell, 15% infill with .8 nozzle, 2mm layer height Birthday gifts for my son.....
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