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  1. So nobody to help solve this print quality issue ? I'm surely not the first and only one to have had these kind of issues ?
  2. Hello, I have an issue I never had so far on Ultimaker 2 that leaves a gap bewteen what I believe is the outer skin and the infill (set at 100%). See pictures. I did not have this issue previously and it appeared out of the blue. I believe the only change is the use of Cura 2.6 instead of 15.04.6. I have to say Cura 2.6 is not user friendlyt and complicated versus version 15.04. Could it be the cause ? Or is it an issue with my Ultimaker 2 ? (I do not see any mechanical issue, it is well tuned) Any help to solve this gap issue is welcome !
  3. Hi, I did the cube test to see what is the printing accuracy in X, Y, Z axis. According to the Ultimaker 2 specs, they should be 12,5 micron for X, Y axis and 5 micron for Z axis. I printed a 10 mm cube in regular PLA at the highest quality possible in Cura. I then measure with a high precision digital caliper the distance between two faces of the cube (measured in the middle of the faces) in all three axis. I got the measurements : 9.94, 10.02, 9.94 So that is a 60 micron difference with the baseline, or 5x worse than the published specs. I knew manufacturers were often lying on their published performance specs but I did not imagine it was 5x ! Has anyone tried this test and compared it to specs ?
  4. Thx. The country setting did the trick. I hope they keep this open.
  5. Hi, We are now forced to buy filaments via resellers and can't buy them anymore directly from the Ultimaker web shop. As a consequence I can't find all of the filaments models that were previously available on the Ultimaker site : CPE has gone, some colors are gone. Why doesn't Ultimaker leave the choice to customers to purchase directly from them if they want to ? especially when resellers do not sell the complete product range ?
  6. Thanks all for your various tips and advices. In fact this makes perfectly my point. I bought the uM2 because I did not want to start modding the machine, I do not have time for that and wanted a "plug & play" printer instead. I realize now that UM2 requires fiddling around and modifications according to each materials and what you want to print. I therefore maintain my "dishonnesty" comment against Ultimaker for not making this clear and certainly not giving any information nor warning about this in their materials descriptions. It does not cost much effort nor money for Ultimkaer to write a line of caution about these PLA Flex restrictions/required modifications.
  7. Hi, Until now I had used my UM2 for months very hapily with PLA material bought from Ultimaker. I decided to try PLA Flex and it results it is impossible to make the least single print, eventhough I have tried all of the settings I could find on the forum (changing temps between 210-235 degrees, changing speeds from 100% to 20%, from 50mm/s to 10 mm/sec). I am apparently not the only one unable to make a PLA flex print with UM2 and lots of other people are having this issue since 2014. However Ultimaker does not "listen" and keeps selling the PLA Flex. I find this dishonest and have introduced a request for a full refund of my PLA Flex roll.
  8. I have made the picture public now, sorry. (what a pain in the @@## this bulletin board to join a picture!)
  9. Hi, I have a my UM2 since end January this year. As I progressed in the size of the prints since then, I then realized my prints that were supposed to be perpendicular are not : they are skewed. On a print of 5cm x 5 cm (still relatively small), two opposite sides are not parallel and the difference is a few millimeters ! I join a picture showing my printer from the top : it shows indeed that the axles are not perpendicular (see A and B distances are not the same on the picture). How can I fix that ? Thx
  10. Bonjour, Les ventilos ne fonctionnent jamais sur la ou les premieres couches. Pourtant tout est coché dans Cura et à 100%. Mais bon ca ne me derange pas outre mesure, je suppose que c'est prevu comme ca.
  11. Voila plusieurs jours que j'imprime et ces horribles grincements ont disparu ou alors je m'y suis habitué et je ne les remarque plus. Sans doute un rodage de la machine ?
  12. Hi pm_dude, I have to screw while it is printing ? Why not do it when the printer is off ?
  13. Hi, I received my new UM2 printer. I notice a huge quality (smoothness) difference between the bottom surfaces and the top surfaces. The bottom surfaces are rigged and not smooth (I tried different layer heights and shell thickness) as shown on the picture. However the top surface print rather smooth. What parameters control the smoothness of the botoom surfaces ? thx Hugues
  14. All right, thank you. Would there be an incompatibiity between a CUra version 14.x and a more recent firmware that comes with this recent machine (when Cura 15.x was out) ?
  15. cool merci pour la traduction en belge, compatriote ! En fait les grincements se produisent independamment de la couche. En ecoutant de plus pres j'ai l'impression que cela vient du moteur situé sur la gauche en regardant la machine de face.
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