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  1. That's what's steering me in the direction of Ultimaker, would nice to be able to play with interesting material, XT-CF20 from colorFabb looks interesting...
  2. Thanks for that, really really helpful! I See that the Ultimaker 2 won best in shoutout!... Looking at the results of that test it seams that the Ultimaker does not so well in things I don't have in my prints i.e. large overhangs and bridges, but the zortax fails on Mechanical Resonance in XY & Z which would have a massive effect on my prints... (print some pcb boxes with thin walls for potting) Looks like an order for Ultimaker 2 in on the card, might wait for the extended to launch...
  3. Hi All I have been 3D printing for nearly a year and my XYZ da vinci is not really doing it for me anymore. I really need quality & strength in the prints so have been looking at a Zortrax M200, as they have some interesting filaments including ABS which i use currently, but I part of me whats a Ultimaker 2 and possibly the new Extended, because of a more open platform, and more control of settings to fix difficult prints etc, and play with some more interesting filaments... However:- Whats punting me off is that the Ultimaker is now 18th in the 3D Hubs Trends for quality? Please can you share your thoughts to help me decide? Thanks...
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