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  1. One of the problems is, when they design these replacement fan ducts, they make the duct to narrow, these fans are NOT made to have any resistance in airflow, this makes so they create a backflow off air in the duct, so u need quite a big opening on the duct for the ultimakers tiny fans to work correct, if u use a strobelight or smoke this becomes very obvious that u need big opening for the fans.
  2. Yes, but i do not have any problems at all with temp drop when the fan starts, so i think this lag is fixed in last firmware for the printer, Yes its the design he posted above that i found works best. I coverd the inside with muffler bandage, i made these in pla, and have had absolutley no deformation due to heat. Also tryed heat resistant paint, but just to messy the bandadges work like a charm. This is with the original fan duct and with the new dual fan duct. printed in 0.15 100mm/s
  3. Hello, i also have had some bad problems with overhangs, and have tested some difrent fan fmounts this weekend, and must say i found one that fits me perfect, i get superb prints with this fan mount, just whanted to share what i found out testing all these difrent mounts. So i have tested these. But this one is working best so far
  4. Hello, not to be rude, but i have donne and checked all the above, and no problem with the nozel, no prob with the isolator, however dont khnow if this mather but the machine itself isent level, one leg is 5mm above the table thinking the rods is atatched to the sides, and if it isent eavenly assembeld sould that make the "nozel" go in a up and down motion and drag the plate and not the bed being uneven, sorry my bad english. // Joakim
  5. My bed differs many mm from side to side in the back end, impossible to print on. Also extrusion problems cant even print in 0,40*0,1*20mm/s or anything else for that matter, and tried all the fixes i found on the big all knowing web.
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