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  1. Hey guys, thanks for you replies! I am using the default PLA temerature settings (210C with 60C bed). And yes, I was using the default print speeds in expert settings. This makes a lot of sense now, as I upped the layer height of the "fast print" settings to 0.3 from 0.15, effectively doubling the amount of material I'm asking the printer to extrude at the same speed. Top/Bottom thickness was also set at 0.6mm which is only 2 layers so that was probably part of the problem as well. I was trying to get a fast print, but I guess I got too greedy. I'll try again with a slower speed/ lower
  2. Hi everyone! I've had my Ultimaker 2 for a couple of months now and have been relatively successful in getting good quality prints. However, recently I've been encountering what I believe is an underextrusion problem. I tried a few things including re-leveling the bed and cleaning the nozzle, which seemed to work temporarily but today's print is as bad as ever. Here are some pictures of the print: This was printed with the Silver PLA that came with the Ultimaker, with the following settings: Layer Height: 0.3mm Shell Thickness: 1.2mm Retraction: On Fill Density 10% Print Spee
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