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  1. Oh OK. I didn't find anywhere in the manual saying that you couldn't print from a mesh model, so I'd assumed it was possible. For anyone else trying to do this... I've found that by generating with the "Only follow mesh surface" turned off I can generate one gcode file for the brim and flat surface, then turn it on to generate another file for the mesh surface. I can then print the two files one after the other to produce the object, or edit the files to produce a single file for the same object. Frank
  2. Hi all, I'm new here too, and new to 3D printing, and running into a similar problem. If I don't have "Only follow mesh surface" ticked, Cura only generates Gcode for the end of my object (code size is 15KB). If I do have it ticked code size > 400KB, but it doesn't print anything but the mesh surface. No flat end, no raft (if specified), no brim (if specfied). The part I'm trying to print is downloaded from http://www.thingiverse.com/download:108451 I'm scaling it down 50% so it fits my little printer, but the same applies if I print it full size. Xray view doesn't show any red lines. Changing the shell width didn't seem to help. Frank
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