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  1. So I've run into a problem with extruding on my Ultimaker 2. I've performed multiple atomic pulls, the last two of which came out clean, and leveled the bed again as well. Nothing seems to help and the filament just seems to come out verrrry slow or not at all. I recorded a crappy video that hopefully shows what I'm experiencing if anyone in here might have some insight:
  2. Just received my shipping notification from FedEx today. Looking at a delivery date of next Monday, March 9th! Ordered on February 4th or 5th, so not too bad of a lead time! Shipping from Utrecht, NL to Los Angeles, CA too.
  3. Is the current lead time to order in the USA still 4-6 weeks as the site says? I just ordered an UM2 the other day and want to know how long of a wait I'm probably in for over the next month or so.
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