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  1. I have eliminated ESUN beacuse their prices aren't so competitive to good European filaments. Recently stumbled upon a manufacturer called Torwell-they seem to offer much cheaper filament. Has anyone used their filaments?
  2. Hello, I would like to know if someone has had positive experiences with chinese filaments with their Ultimakers, meaning they have proven to be a good value for money. I have found some big Chinese filament producers on the web, but would really like a first hand opinion from the users.
  3. Hello, I would like to start educational courses in 3d printing and modelling for kids aged 6-12. I want to put emphasis on their creativity rather than technical aspects. So my question is: what 3d modelling software would you recommend for this purpose?
  4. Thanks for the tips. However the problem is solved now and I made a successful test print. The problem was a bolt which was screwed too tightly on top of the material feeder clamp and kept the black lever stuck.
  5. Hey Jonny, actually I ordered two more filament roles along the one included in the original kit, and one of those is the PLA flex role which I chose for the first print, not being aware there are differences. Now, feeling the both types of material with my fingers I see quite a difference in its structure. The spring tension is done very firmly. I will try to print with the normal PLA role now, and will update the result here.
  6. Hello everyone, I assembled my Ultimaker Original and tried to print a test model (small Ultimaker robot). However, in the first trial the nozzle clogged severely. After cleaning the nozzle I tried several more prints but each one failed. After the bottom of the bot was printed normally when the printhead started printing sidewalls of the model the filament started turning into small lumps in one print and into a totally coral like structure in the other (see photos). I used the default settings for high print only changing the initial layer thickness from .3mm to .2mm and adding a brim layer. Temperature was 210 degrees. Material I used was an Ultimaker PLA flex that was shipped in the original kit.
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