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  1. I tried out 3dprinteros and it works pretty good.
  2. I am really happy to see this meaningful discussion
  3. Hi, everyone/ What are the Exhibitions and Fairs in CAD design area? Especially the 3D segment, globally I mean. Thanks.
  4. There are people don't like DRM for a reason, and I respect that.
  5. Yes. Why would we do that? hahaha. You will see. God said people do things for a reason.
  6. Hey guys. I am Monika from Novomaker. Some of you might remember I've post a video about Novomaker, it's an under construction platform of repository of 3D printable designs, a marketplace. (http://www.novomaker.com, make sure you have http:// for the address) I am very glad to tell you that our website is launching soon. Before we go public, we have the platform's printing operating demo now. Now I am looking for people who have ultimaker 2, and would like to invite you to test printing a small robot model with our cloud-printing platform. I believe it will be sth good to experience, hope
  7. Hey, Craftee. What kind of project you are doing in the University? Sounds interesting that you are printing so big amount of models for study. Curious
  8. how it work? Is it better than local host?
  9. Hi, ChrisR. You don't pay for print, you pay for print right which means it's like appstore, you buy the app, you use it for lifetime. And just after the print start, internet connection is not required during the printing process. Thank you for point it out which we didn't make it so clear. comments are welcomed. comments that helped us can win giveaways
  10. Actually, just after the printing start, it will not take any broadband width to stream data from the internet. Even you stop Internet connection during the printing process, the printing still goes on normally. Thank you very much for pointing out this misunderstanding. We could make this video more clear later About addition support prior to printing, our platform will generate support and do slicing after user finish settings. I can understand that it's not as convenient as SD card printing. The reason why we make it this way is to protect the designer's copyright. The patient you spend
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