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  1. Thanks Amedee! That's exactly what I needed. I'm planning to use the 24v connector next to the power input, identified by Ultiarjan above. If I understand correctly it is always on by default, even with nothing plugged in, so it should literally be a plug and play install. I'm reusing the ultimaker heater blocks and such so the only real wiring will be to splice the heatsink fans together since I have two heads. Woo-hoo! I love it when products are well designed for modifications.
  2. I am about to upgradequate my UMO+ with E3d v6 hotends too, I just need to create a mount for a part cooling fan. Thanks to the postings here I know how to hook up the heatsink fans for the E3d. My question is, are there any firmware or g-code changes I need to make to get the heatsink fans to run continuously while printing? I somewhat doubt that the UMO+ can automatically detect when the fan is connected but everything I've seen online is only about wiring the fans or making modifications that are outside of my scope.
  3. I'll second that! So it sounds like it would actually be easier to dual extrude on the UMO+ since everything runs at the same voltage. Just need to get the correct pt100/ heater cartridge and a larger power supply.
  4. with any luck someone from ultimaker will be generous enough to share with us some of the requested details of this open source product, perhaps the moderator that has to approve this post as I am a new memeber. wink, wink, nudge, nugde. thanks again in advance.
  5. i bought the UMO+ printer with the intent to add dual extrusion and i was kicking myself for it when i started reading the forums after the purchase, i'm waiting for it to be delivered. The more i think about it this shouldn't be much of an issue, yes i will have to buy the heater and thermocouple to match the UMO+. I don't care much for power bricks so I am planning to install an enclosed power supply (24v, ~350w because I can) which should be able to power anything I add to the printer. I am assuming the heated bed on the UMO+ is the same as the one in the HBK which uses 24v as I understand it and the HBK includes a pcb that steps down the 24v to power the electronics. Does the UMO+ have the same pcb to step down the volts, if not how does the UMO+ accomplish this since by all accounts it cannot handle 24v without modifications? How does the UMO+ provide 19v to the electronics and 24v to the HB? Are the UMO+ electronics capable of powering/ controlling dual extruders and a HB at the same time? thanks in advance.
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