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  1. Waiting a certain number of seconds before starting the hot end works, but is a bit too naive if the bed temp changes a lot due to different materials (hence why my plugin starts it a specified number of degrees before whatever you set the bed temp to). You have to change the number of seconds every time you have a large target bed temp switch. The second method of heating the hot end to a lower 'safe' temp is a bit better, but I still wanted the most optimal solution possible..
  2. I want to start the hot end 10-15C before whatever I set the bed temp to. This accounts for bed temp changes such as when I want to print different materials. I couldn't find a way to do that with start.gcode (is there a subtract function from the targeted be temp)?
  3. It always bugged me the default Cura print startup sequence wasted time by waiting for the bed to reach temp first before starting the extruder temp. Starting both at once is not ideal either since the hot end comes up to temp way faster. With this plugin you can tweak it so they both come up to temp closer to the same time. Works great on my Printrbot Simple Metal. https://github.com/mosh1/HeaterStartParallelizer
  4. I did look at the combing options as well, thanks for the suggestion though. In my case with 5% infill overlap (down from 15% stock) the infill did not seem to have blobs or push the shell much. That's why my hypothesis was some thermal artifact where it touches the slightly warmer infill. I'm staying with v14 for now. It'd be nice if it didn't ask you every time to upgrade. Nicer if we made the infill / perimeter ordering user adjustable
  5. As mentioned in the first post, it's using the exact same profile .ini. I exported the one from v14 and used it in v15 and printed the exact same part.
  6. I would be curious if Ultimaker users notice the issue as well because as far as I can tell the issue is with the perimeter shrinking around the infill or cooling at a different rate where it touches the infill and that causes the surface artifacts. I really think there should be an option to revert back to v14 behavior. Right now I have gone back to v14 and removed v15 until this can be worked around...
  7. Tried 5% infill overlap and two shells and no difference. My theory is the way the perimeters cool where there is infill vs. where there isn't is what's causing the issue. What was the reasoning for doing the infill first in version 15?
  8. 15.01 prints have major issues with surface quality with infill showing through the surface. I'm using the exact same loaded profile for 14.12.1 and 15.01 and printed with both to show the issue (right is 15.01). This was printed with a Printrbot Simple Metal. I'm not the only one with the issue, a few others are as well as illustrated by a thread at: https://www.reddit.com/r/PrintrBot/comments/2vxggc/new_cura_version_makes_some_crappy_prints_1501/ Anyone else see this or know what changed in 15.01 to cause this?
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