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  1. So I took the printhead apart and it turns out it was the PTFE coupler. It was a little burned/deformed. I had this problem before and replaced the part just about a month ago. Any idea what could cause this part to wear off (abnormally?) fast ?
  2. That is interesting. Could you elaborate on the cylinders ? My understanding was that at least the rings from the 4th on were perfect. The z-screw is well lubricated with the supplied grease. I will check the bowden tube now. Thank you!
  3. Hi, I have tried teh atomic pull several times. And while it did help with previous problems, it does not this time. The layer height is 0.1mm speed is 50mm/s and the temperature is 210°C. The printing time is 900 hours and close to 1km of filament was printed during that time. I had a similar problem before, which turned out to be a "worn out" insulator. I replaced it at everthing worked again until now. Back then, however, I noticed the feed skipping and also had extrusion problems on the bottom layer. Now the first few layers are always fine. Also, shouldn't i run into problems with the cylinders if the nozzle was clogged ? Thank you !
  4. Hi ! I currently have a weird extrusion problem on my Ultimaker2. I have had extrusion problems before but this one is hard to figure out. I get very nice bottom surfaces but quite a few errors on the sides. Also the top layer is incomplete. What makes this weird is that test cylinders turn out fine. The only (also weird) problem I had with those is some errors on the lower speeds. I collected some sample pictures in the following link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/56394125/ulti.png I am thankful for any hints and tips !
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