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  1. The issue is fixed now. It turned out one pulley I had not noticed indeed had the screw slightly loose. Thanks very much for the really helpful feedback! I have now updated the country on my profile...
  2. I've been having a couple of issues with my brand new Ultimaker 2 (which worked fine the past 4 months). - It looks like the head if not homed in the X direction. Instead of printing at the center of the build platform, its printing somewhere else. Any ideas as to how can I fix this? - If I print just a straight line in the Y direction, the printer jerks in the X direction. I’ve uploaded a video of my print issues at Believe it or not, my printer is actually trying to print an Ultimaker robot, but it’s hopelessly failing. I checked the tightness of the pulleys, made sure the belts are reasonably tight. But it still doesn’t give me a stable print. Any suggestions as to how I can fix this? This whole issue came up because some filament got stuck in the extruder badly and I had to open up the extruder to get it out, then the motor connected to the extruder slipped, and I had to open the sides of the machine and when I put things back, all hell broke loose. I’ve spent an insane amount of valuable time on this. I’d be very grateful for your quick help in this matter.
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