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  1. Hello guys, you probably heard about this problem, pleasee see picture: As you can see the first layers are very thin and unstick. I tried: -Print a default part (A part with CURA setting that used to print perfect) -Clean the bedplate. -Adjust the bedplate (many times with many techniques) -Clean the nozzle (Athomic Bob, and I also dissassembled the whole thing and put the nozzle into a oven at 400 *C - I can see light through the nozzle) -Tried with different filament (Original Ultimaker PLA and GlowFill Colorfabb) Points to consider: 1-I used to have this problem, but I solved it adjusting the bedplate + Athomic Bob. 2-The problem is worst and more likely with Glowfill PLA than others. 3-My nozzle is a bit flattener (because of Glowfill abrasive nature). Tomorrow I will Try: -Try with a complete new filament. -Repleace the nozzle kit. Any advice will be apreciated. Kind regards. EDIT: SOLVED THE PROBLEM repleacing the PTFE insulator and NOZZLE. I also adjusted the height bethween the PTFE and Isolator in 1mm. Now is printing like the first day, I will try to find the Olsson Block, I would like to try the colorfabb XT which according to the supplier is also abrasive. Regards
  2. Exactly the same problem happend with my nozzle with Glowfill from Colorfabb after 90 Hours print, yet I am priting large parts without troubles (ABS, PLA) eventhough the flatter nozzle, of course I adjusted the bedplate to the new height, let me know If you wanna see a picture of the flatter nozzle.
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