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  1. Hello guys, you probably heard about this problem, pleasee see picture: As you can see the first layers are very thin and unstick. I tried: -Print a default part (A part with CURA setting that used to print perfect) -Clean the bedplate. -Adjust the bedplate (many times with many techniques) -Clean the nozzle (Athomic Bob, and I also dissassembled the whole thing and put the nozzle into a oven at 400 *C - I can see light through the nozzle) -Tried with different filament (Original Ultimaker PLA and GlowFill Colorfabb) Points to consider: 1-I used to have this problem, but I
  2. Exactly the same problem happend with my nozzle with Glowfill from Colorfabb after 90 Hours print, yet I am priting large parts without troubles (ABS, PLA) eventhough the flatter nozzle, of course I adjusted the bedplate to the new height, let me know If you wanna see a picture of the flatter nozzle.
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