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  1. NIce! and how do you know what layer is? I was really comfty with the ultimaker 2 as it was but for my thesis I need to print like 20 rolls with 12-20 hour prints and is really important to save all the prints from power failure, even got a prusa for the resume option, but need all the extra help of my old reliable uiltimaker 2
  2. Does it still work for original ultimaker2? I need to get my old ultimaer2 to work cause I´m in a hurry with my thesis work, and the local power net fails at this time of the year, I read somewhere that it could resume from power failure is this right?
  3. Nice and how do I add suport ? cura does nothing in my piece when I press add supor everwhere
  4. I see the code now, why the shell and bottom/top are so thick ?
  5. HI Cloakfield, here is my current work, and how you ad suports then thats what keep me stucked
  6. Could you share with me a model gcode to test a fine printing like that? I never get to configure my ultimaker 2 correctly not sure if its my code or printer and I see you make a really smooth one!
  7. what are your printing specs for this scaned buda ?
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