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  1. NIce! and how do you know what layer is? I was really comfty with the ultimaker 2 as it was but for my thesis I need to print like 20 rolls with 12-20 hour prints and is really important to save all the prints from power failure, even got a prusa for the resume option, but need all the extra help of my old reliable uiltimaker 2
  2. Does it still work for original ultimaker2? I need to get my old ultimaer2 to work cause I´m in a hurry with my thesis work, and the local power net fails at this time of the year, I read somewhere that it could resume from power failure is this right?
  3. Hi I want to correct this overhang issues from the marvin for 3dhubs could you please tell me your advanced settings to confirugure my ultimaker 2 ?, I read something about speed differences causing this issues [/media][/media]
  4. thanks James so far they have made it in contact with water !
  5. Sure im on ult2, and using PLA, I got into ABS to print a E shaped profile that would be in contact with watter but the bad results scared me away from printing for a while
  6. In matter of fact im fine with PLA just wanted to print a E shaped profile that will be in contact with water
  7. I quit on the abs right away after this post, it stinked, and separated of the heating plate when my print , a rectangular E shaped profile at 2 mm tall, also noticed that the abs on the noozle exterior was like burnt , I was using white abs and loked black or dark brown
  8. thank you that sounds good I began that way on the pla
  9. thank you I will check that this week sounds good to me I had bad experience last time it came off the heating bed and a blob of melt was into noozle and heat bed
  10. I think I´ll take that advice its quite hard to work it
  11. thank you very much, I boug abs and tried today but it really looks cool at begining but lately it comes of the hotplate
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