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  1. it looks like the printer is ok and the issue is the code what you think?
  2. Yea, and I had aligned it to stand each time tried to print
  3. thank you I tried to join them in the software I modeled rhinoceros but at the end wont combine all them
  4. here is my file, could you chek it in your cura?
  5. HI I am using the glue that comes with the printer, calibrated with the sheet of paper, and couldnt find this that you said " Then set Cura in the Expert menu to full settings. Finaly choose File -> Open Settings and choose the settings_file.ini you just saved."
  6. could you please share your gcode I would really would love to see my ultimaker printing that good I have ultmaker2 and never got printing right
  7. hey ! sorry I was on finals and got sick, you mean the netfabb cloud app?
  8. it doesnt stick in corners or moves too fast could you share a code?
  9. Could you share with me a model gcode to test a fine printing like that? I never get to configure my ultimaker 2 correctly not sure if its my code or printer and I see you make a really smooth one!
  10. I have tested the models that come with ultimaker2 and printed a few codes but not sure why I just cant configure my 3d scans to be printes properly, could someone please send me a gcode or a model to leech its configurations for fine printing?
  11. what are your printing specs for this scaned buda ?
  12. thank you very much how can that solid be fixed ?
  13. Hi! thank you I´ll check that , I´m sorry I didn't explained myself properly it was a little bet and I might be half asleep, I cant get them to print properly, as yo can see on the printed versions, they have bad quality and are no good for me to make all the other stuff to make them in wax , I want to print a smooth version and more accurate
  14. how do you configure a file to get that resolution ?and what are the specific configurations for the printer im dealing with a simpler shape and having lots of issues
  15. Yes that's exactly what happened the issue is that is a carcass only, and after turning it onto solid in rhino when I want to extrude surface it gets a tiny polygon face not all the surface ,its been a while in finally on printing bussines ! nice to see you Valcrow
  16. Hi Today I was given a stl of a car carcass but it was only a mesh , cura couldn't show most of the model in the layers view, how do you turn a mesh with no volume into a solid wall ?
  17. Hey here are my two headaches, the biggest diameter could be 30 mm so I can make this model into a silicone mould and cast wax for silver casting will show photos if I can really print it https://www.dropbox.com/s/2ue8own8u71bhce/flower.stl?dl=0
  18. Hi could someone help me to configure a file I have been strugling for many different modeling an configurations of this file(Oh cant find how to upload the code could someone please sugest me a way please ?) its a 30 mm diameter pendant these were previous attempts
  19. I didnt know there was a US distributor until I had the printer at home
  20. Thank you for your kind help, but my printer came out with a failure in temp sensor and never started, right now I try to comunicate them but because of the 7 hours difference from here its quite difficult to get in touch
  21. anyone know at what time they answer the phone, I have some issues with my new unit and haven't heard from them since Thursday, and want to call to see if they got my mail, but since its 7 hours of difference is quite difficult to reach them I called last Friday but it was 7:30 pm and no one answer and called half hour aggo(7:30 am) and no one answered aether)
  22. Hi how do you attach it ? the manual says you need to put it in the hole and rotate it counterclockwise but it wont rotate
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