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  1. Hi. Where can I buy a new PSU brick for my old UM2? It has started to make a 'fleeeer' noise, the display blinks and the leds too. So it seems something is not going well in the PSU. I have found the Ultimaker store does not sell any original printer parts. Should I start looking on ebay ? E.
  2. Hi, i have lost the feeder metallic eyelet. Apparently there is no difference printing without it, but I would like to replace it. Is this a standard part I can find on any hardware store or is it something specific to the printer ? E.
  3. https://1drv.ms/u/s!An8EMrce7bcoh2uSheNZ6aEAUSO4
  4. For those looking for an alternative to Ninjaflex, i have tried Flexismart on my UM2+ with Bondtech DDG kit. It prints nicely at 70mm/sec. Printed parts have a very nice finish, that remembers somewhat natural rubber. They sell 250gr packs in case you dont want to risk the whole spool price, although it is cheaper than other alternatives. I can tell you that i have finished the first spool in a couple of days, with no failed parts. Give it a try if you like flexible materials.
  5. Yes, I did change the feeder.I am using the DDG Kit on a UM2+. I did not replaced firmware as Cura 3.3 fails to do so. I checked this point with Bondtech support and they confirmed this. So I applied the gcode patch by hand and then measured filament steps using S3D software in command mode. For measuring filament motion I removed the tube so I measured a straight piece of filament (not the filament inside the curved tube). Actually I had to use 325 instead of Bondtech recommended 311 value for feeder estep. Now the filament moves exactly 10cms when i pass E100
  6. I have used this, is it correct? M302 S0G92 E0G0 E100
  7. Well, I did move the filament to the middle using the printer menu. Now, how do I run the MOVE command? ?
  8. I did run the gcode patch. Now when I change material the filament does not reach the head. It stops about 2cms away the head. And the same happens when rewinding the filament, it does not exit the feeder fully, I need to pull it down by hand. So,i wonder, is the gcode patch actualy working? Do i need to reset the machine perhaps ?
  9. Thanks!. Which gcodes do i need to set ? And which is the procedure to send them to the printer ? Do i need to apply them again after a UM firmware upgrade?
  10. It is UM2+, using Bondtech DDG Kit.
  11. Hi. does anyone know what is exactly the Bondtech firmware patch?
  12. After some retries, I dont know why, it now displays "Connected Via USB". However when I chose "Upgrade Firmare"+"Upload Custom Firmware" a progress bar window show "Updating Firmware" and hangs up there. After 10 minutes the progress bar is at zero. If i press Close button I can see again the message "The printer is not connected". I am able to repeat the process with exactly the same result again and again. Might this be the firmware file itself? (i recently upgraded to Cura 3.3)
  13. Hi. I am trying to upgrade the printer with Bondtech custom firmware. However, when I go to Preferences-Printers it tells "Connection: The printer is not connected". However, In Windows 10 Device Manager I can see Arduino Mega 2560 connected on COM5. When I connect the cable the printer prints the following message: "Printing with USB", then the main menu comes up. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem?
  14. Lowering fan speed did the trick. The printed parts have a very nice finish but i have found them to be not so strong, despite using 80% infill. I can crack 3mm walls easily.
  15. Hi everybody. I have been trying to print "something" with Colorfabb nGen LUX Diamond Black in my UM2+ without much success so far. I have tried several nozzle temperatures, from 210 to 240, and several printing speeds and layer height. The major problem I see are large spots here and there, poor adhesion and, apparently, not enough filament feed. The feeder on the back on the printer jumps often when using this filament. I have checked it and looks fine (it does not jump with other filaments). The filament is oily to the touch, so I believe this might be the r
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